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Just wondering how folk attach a clean skull to the shield? I admit that the last one I did involved more glue that I would care to admit :oops: but I wasn't keen on drilling the skull itself to take a screw.

Can anyone shed some light on the best way to secure the skull?



skull on shield

Hi Novice,

easy really, if you have cut the skull.
you just go buy some car body filler: B+Q, local car repair shop etc...........
then take a small block of wood and cut it so it fits in the brain cavity..............
mix the car body filler it with the catalyst provided and fill the brain cavity with it...
then press the wood in until its level with the cut you made through the skull so it sits flat on the shield..
let it set fully 10 to 20 minutes
trim off the excess while its still setting.

JOB DONE :lol:

You can then put a pozi screw or two through the shield in to the wood
solid fixing it will never break.

cheques in the post to ........ ,.lol ;)


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good idea that phill
all the years i have used glue,mastic even crazy foam , that idea never even entered my mind ,using body filler
cheers for that


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If you have some to spare "no nails" works a treat too. Cut your piece of wood to be a snug or even slightly larger than the opening, wriggle it inside the cavity and hold in place with the no nails. Sticks like the proverbial a blanket.


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I have always drilled two blind holes in the back of the skull, the part where the antler is attached to the skull, ie the thick part.
I then cut the heads off of two nails, the same size as the drill used to make the blind holes, then poke the blunt end into the blind holes then offer the skull up to the shield and press.
This will then give you two indents on the shield in line with the blind holes in the back of the skull.
You can then drill two holes thro the shield and using two self tapping screws attach your skull to the shield, if you like you can put a bit of araldite in the holes before screwing into them just to give that extra bit of satisfaction and allow for a bit of slack should the skull dry out over the years.
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