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Hi all,
Beo posed a question about mounting heads D.I.Y.
I've done a few and reading the posts I think we probably all use the same basics i.e.

Boil till the flesh comes away easily, then scrape or pressure wash. My pressure washer is a bit too fierce, and will blast away the fine bones at the end of the nose, so be carefull. Then I too douse the head in peroxide for a while, 3-4 hours, although others do it for longer.

Now the tricky bit.
I have sued a "proper roe head guide" to cut heads, but prefer my home grown idea. Mark the line at which you wish to cut the head. I don't have a magic formula, I do mine by eye. My son suggested dunking the head in a dye to the level to which you want to cut, the dye line giving you a line to cut to, I never tried this! I then use an angle grinder with a very thin 1mm thick disc, and cut very gently around the scull. (Usual warnings re safety glasses and gloves to be inserted by operative here).

I now carve a piece of oak or other hard wood to be a snug fit into the brain cavity. Glue in place with araldite. Now drill through the oak shield, which you will have prepared earlier, so that a screw of the right length can be wound into your piece of wood in the brain cavity. Obviously too short won't hold the head still, too long will leave you with a three pronged head!
I normaly now take apart and insert a bit of blue tack between the shield and the head to stabilise the finished article without making it impossible to take apart in future.

Most shoe heel bars/key cutters will engrave the name plate brass for you at very little cost.

Ask at your local flooring shop about offcuts of oak flooring for the shield. Most of mine have come from house refurbs where only the very top quality oak boards are wanted, any with knots are cut short or just thrown away, TRAGIC WASTE of oak I.M.H.O.


NOTE. Do none of this if you want the head measured! You might, and probably will cut it wrong and ruin your chances of a gong!
Kind regards to all,


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Cheers Mark,
I have a drimel with a disc cutter attachment, that might work. The last head I tried to cut, I did with a wood saw. :eek: I then put it outside to dry out and the magpies had a go at it! :( Don't try this method at home!


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RobMac killed a troll last week, how much would you charge to mount a troll head, it had a massive mouth and two huge ears, not that he ever used them, and a pair of eyes that looked but never saw.

Rich bugger from the city I think but could you mount it for us?


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Hi Poddle,
You would need some big screws and rawl plugs to mount it on the wall. Heavy things 'Fat Headed Trolls!' :eek: :confused:
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