mounting solutions for rem 700's are crap.. what to do?!

Paul at Fechan

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This is simple, I have a 375h&h remmy 700 that with a small scopes will work fine ie 2-7 in a one inch tube off weaver or standard bases, hell i've even got a rail that was ok with small scopes with standard weaver steel rings.

The problem is I was a real scope on my rifle in 3-12 ideally but as soon as you go to medium size and weight optics there's way to much recoil stress for the rings and mounts combinations I've tried. Aluminium, just forget that as an idea. Leopold std steel 2 piece bases and rings sheared at the locking screws on the rear mounts after 12 shots.

Common sense says one piece ring and bases combination in steel but I can't find a company that does this is 30mm to seat a zeiss duralyt. Thinking about binning the remington and getting a sako because optilocks are the shizzle. Any ideas before I do this?


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Get the receiver
tapped to M4 use a steel picatinny rail for starters then there are loads of mounts that won't move . TPS steel are good and fairly cheap.
I use optiloc picatinny bases with optiloc rings there tested upto .50 cal.


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The normal Leupold mounts are in fact the Redfield "Junior" design and were never meant to handle that amount of recoil or weight of scope. That there is a main part of your problem.


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I have Apel swing off mounts on my 700 BDL. I will never buy another Remington as long as I live!


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The Leupold QRW rings are solid and a cross bar in the weaver slot. A colleague used them on a 460 Wby without a problem so should work on a .375, although he didn't have a heavy scope on it.


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you're looking at things from the wrong angle.

EAW do a large calibre set of bases and rings, check the NECG website, but more rationally, you should ditch the sh*tty remmy! LOL


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The weak point on Remingtons would be the connection to the action. Screws must be 100% of the correct length of good quality and not over torqued.
If the recoil forces are large, I would use a good quality steel rail such as Recknagel or Third Eye and actually glue the rail to the action with good epoxy.
Quality mounts on top of that. Optilocks are not good quality, as their screws are of the lowest quality, worse than 6 dollar Walmart mounts.


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solution..sell the thing, buy a decent Oberndorf or DWM M98, install good german bases, mounts and happily ever after...until those same german's suddenly try to kill your family and take over your country of course...but at least you can then fight fire with fire!

Hales Smut

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If it's a gun you plan to keep, get a Suhler claw hook mount. Alan Rhone seems to have a ( Belgian) gunsmith who seems to be up to the job. A 375 with a quick detachable scope is ideal. Scope for distance shooting and open sights for the close combat.