Movember 2013


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I've just been coerced into doing the Movember thing along with some of my colleagues at work. I've never had a moustache before, but I've got a horrible feeling I'm going to end up looking like Saddam Hussein.....


Anyone else here doing it this year?


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I did it last year and will be doing the same this (now) wife really liked my trucker Mo last year so will stick with that for such a worthwhile cause.

I am bullying, sorry, asking the lads that work for me to take part as well as we raised a few hundred quid last year so want to beat it this year.



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Really sorry to hear about your dad Ed.

Thanks TT.
We were very fortunate in that we could see his strength diminishing and said everything we needed to say before it was too late.
It has still been a hard time but easier in that we have no regrets about missed oppertunities.

and so life goes on maybe with a little less shine but it goes on.



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My blond haired younger brother grew a Mexican style 'tach last year. Turned out is facial hair is ginger. Looked ridiculous. It was hilarious. His girlfriend was really not impressed.


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Right guys and gals as you may be aware my dad passed away some three weeks ago due to prostate cancer and so this has become personal.
I'm looknig for as many donations as possible.
If you are already donating to someone else then that's fine but please donate!
The illness not only affects the one person but the family and friends around them
You can donate to me by:

1. Donating online at:

2. Writing a cheque to 'Movember Europe', referencing my registration ID: 5983757 and mailing it to: Movember Europe, PO Box 68600, London, EC1P 1EF

Your donation will support world-class men’s health programmes that combat prostate and testicular cancer. These programmes, directed by the Movember Foundation, are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

These funded programmes are spread across the UK - please visit the Funded Programmes page for all the hairy details:

Thanks in advance for supporting my Mo and taking the time to read this.

United we Mo



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Yup ... Giving it a go this year.

One of the lasses I work with was talking about doing Fanuary !!!!!




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Yep, I'm going for it this year. I'm just hoping that with the shaved head I won't end up looking like Charles Bronson! (the criminal, not the actor)


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I've spent most of the morning stroking my moustache (no that isn't a euphemism) and I'm now considering watching a Tom Selleck movie for further moustache related inspiration. It's still looking a bit sparse though.....

How's Movember going for everyone else? Are you managing to raise much cash?