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Dear All,

I live in Hertfordshire and am planning to move house soon to another part of the same county.

The last time I moved - also within the same county - was an absolute nightmare.

The Police insisted that I lodge my firearms with a local gunsmith until they had inspected my new security arrangements and produced a revised FAC.

It cost me a fortune as it took months and the gunsmith charges by the gun (I have quite a few).

Surely there must be an easier way forward.

I cannot believe that there is no better procedure in place for FAC holders who wish to move house, but I'm not sure that I can really trust my local constabulary to give me good advice.

Can anyone give me any pointers, please?




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Thats terrible! I told the local firearms officer that I was moving just a mile away. He said 'well give a call when you are settled and we will come and have a look at your safe'! I took it out of one house with the rifles inside and bolted it into place at the new house an hour later and the police visited me the next day. Bloody brilliant.
I'm sorry to hear that your FAO's are not so amicable. :(


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Legally you have to tell them you have moved in a resonable time, so tell them after you moved then they can sort out looking at your safe, you DEF DON`T have to tell them before you move.


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Na .. that seemes to be the whay you have to do it.. you need to find a nother gun shop that is less of a rip off.. I negosiated a deal for all my guns on a day raite.. and yes it is a mision to move douse and then you have to charging about to gun shops as well.. I think it is an ok sort of system though..
and the chaps in essex poilice dep where out the next day. so it cost me a grand total of about £2.00

good luck with the Move..
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