Moy gamefair


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Hi folks , stuck in Middle East so missed Scone ....
Always fancied the Moy game fair but never been ,
Booked into Granton on Spey caravan park on the 5th for few days to get what left of kid school holidays so planning on going !
Anyone else going ?
Or been & advise how it is ?


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I'll write elsewhere on Scone.

We are going to be at Moy - in fact you'll have to work hard to dodge because John will be split between our stand CIC and wandering about blathering - er I mean networking; Mrs John will be lurking on the SGA tent; I'll be manning the stand 24/7 without pause - aside from opening fresh Jaffa Cake supplies ( kindly air dropped by Bog Trotter ) and Mrs Andy will likely be helping out as well.

Moy was the traditional keepers fair - with many estate guys touring stands for gear, making a list for the boss, then departing to the beer tent whilst factors etc toured filling the lists. As a consequence it hung on as a 'proper fair' - ie guns and gear - long after they waned at other events. That has changed and the throngs of country clothing/ arty etc stands tend to be there, but the odd 'serious' stand still to be found.

That said, it seems to have an atmosphere all of it's own and there's just something about it that keeps dragging people back - and I've promised myself several times 'thats it' - yet there I'll be!


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There is something I like about Moy ,can't actually put my finger on what it is , I don't manage to get as often as I would like due to it coinciding with the Roe rut and usually having clients.


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BDS Highlands Branch will be there again - roughly where we traditionally reside.
Looking forward to meeting folks again.

With us on the stand will be :-
Gregor (MacLeods of Tain) with his optics.
Justin Prigmore - wildlife Artist - His pictures are very special!
George & Wayne of UKSHA - Scent hounds / tracking / shot site analysys etc.
Jim Govan - Bullet Jewelry & Pens
Jamie Boult - Antler craft / jewelry etc.

BDS Trophy head measuring service - both days.

We will again auction three lots of fantastic days Highland stag stalking.

As others have said, Moy is still a good fair. Smaller than some, relaxed & not too busy, but more appropriate for what we want as country sportsmen & our families. Better still this year with the Jaffa Cake supplier resident!



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I am looking forward to it as I haven't been before but always here good things, atb wayne
ps always good to get George out for his socialisation skills :D
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Does anybody have a Dorric / Scottish / Yorkshire (or English) dictionary/translator I can borrow?

A dyslexic Yorkshireman gave me a doric to Yorkshire phrasebook.

Didn't work too well for him. He went shopping in Buckie for a bunnet and came back with a cat flap.
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I'll pop in and see you at the BDS tent Ian, I have missed the shoots recently due to work... It's such an inconvenience. Cheers