Muck boot pro sport full zip wellies


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Muck boots split faster than a kipper with any type of use.
good returns tho. but keep on splitting
good luck
Mine soon split, but still keep water out. Must be the neoprene lining. I bought them because I expected to feel the cold after breaking my leg and ankle. Not needed, but I would buy them again.


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They aren't muck boots...... a difervent brand altogether.
However..... the same company do muck boot version and our hill keeper has a pair and reckons they're good boots..... and I've looked at the 'bondage ' version myself as a replacement for the le *****maus I currently have/hate.
The price looks good too!


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Paul - I have a pair of the standard muck boots, which have a split in the sole, which lets water get in between the boot and the sole, but not my foot. But it does make a strange sound when walking:eek: But they were cheap, so I'm not complaining too loudly. And even the expensive ones get torn on barbed wire fences.....