Muntjac and there spread up to Yorkshire?

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Im based in north yorkshire close to Thirsk, I would be interested in your observations on the spread of Muntjac this far North?


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I know a few guys who have spotted a few in east yorkshire a year or so ago but nothing recently.

I don't think there's any serious numbers about now if any, but maybe some other members may shed some light on this matter.

The Mole

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Like Mr Fish, I've heard nothing recently, but there have been isolated sightings over the last few years. I suspect that these have been illegal releases which have simply not settled where they've been put. I don't know Yorkshire that well, but there must be a few places with suitable habitat for munties so who knows?


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There are lots of nice woods with a good under storey of bramble ready and waiting for those Muntjac to arrive here in Yorkshire.

Like Mr Fish I have heard of one or two sightings of muntjac going back a few years in East Yorkshire, but these have mostly being anecdotal, I have only spoken to one person who claims to have seen one themselves. Also I was speaking to a neighbouring farmer to the land where I shoot and he said there were a few muntjac in his woods over thirty years ago 'those little deer with big fangs' but they did not last for long.

I think muntjac are spreading naturally up through south yorkshire and have spoken to a farmer who flushed one whilst swathing rape near Doncaster. They have spread through lincolnshire with a few pioneer animals reaching the Humber. But that is a big estuary and a pretty effective barrier to stop them getting into east yorshire.
A good friend of mine has seen Muntys at Dracs nature reserve near Selby. I have also spoken to a lad that beets on a shoot to the west of Doncaster and he said they have them there. I have access to Hatfield moor nature reserve, 3,500 acres of it and in 18 years i have not seen a munty on or near to it. Lots of Roe and thats it. Hopefully its just a matter of time untill they populate the area more fully.


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The canals north of doncaster will be difficult for them to cross unless they use the bridges. The Stainforth and Keadby south of thorne moors has steel piled banks and is a death trap for deer. They get in but can't get out.


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muntys are in Yorkshire i have stummbled across two some 4 years ago whilst out with the lamp to the south of Ripon North York's
and last year i spotted two in on a river side flood plain in Wensleydale
so i know their out there ;)
at this point I'm humming the tune form close encounters !!!!!!


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muntjac in yorks

Well weve got them starting to show in south yorks now saw one dead on the side of a nearby dual carridgway in april and a good freind of mine who does not stalk but rough shoots saw one last month just outside his village, the farmer on one of my bits of ground says he was speaking to one of the local wildlife groups and they reckon there in a huge wood that borders my permission, so its only a matter of time before they increase :lol: I cant wait. HORNET


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I have it on good authority that there was a confirmed kill of a muntjac about a month ago above Catterick garrison just off defence estates land.
As for them being around Ripon a mates wife thinks she saw one near fountains Abbey, but I have been a keeper around Ripon for a good few years now and have never seen any sign of them and I have alot of good ground which would suit them.
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