Muntjac Head

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I have shot what looks to be a very good Muntjac but the antlers were still covered in velvet. Is it worth boiling the head and trying to remove this to see how good the antlers are?
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Put a photo up so we can see if its worth stripping the velvet. If the tips are still round and soft then you may find the points have not fully formed yet and you'll end up with a porous chalky set of antlers at the tip. If the velvet has started to shrink and you can see the contours and a pointy tip to the antlers then you'll have no trouble boiling and stripping them. You'll probably want to stain them if you want the head to look authentic, but you'll find it really hard to achieve the pollished look of authentic naturally stripped hard antlers
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Thanks for the info Treehouse. As you can see they are still rounded so maybe no good. It was a shame i couldnt wait a few more weeks, it was the start of July and a friend in Norfolk is over run with them and asked me to go and knock a few over for him
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