Muntjac in east lothian

the highlander

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No but my cousin has seen muntjac that I've shot and says it's the exact same markings its lying on the west bound side of the a 1 at Torres go and see it for yourself


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I would have went up now but its dark lol,,,i get called out to deal with them alot when i am on stand by for work,,, I did think i seen one last week but thought i must have been imagining things,,,


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There was talk of the train lines being used as wildlife corridors, which would put them in that area if the East coast line was used, although how they got over the Tyne rail bridge adds doubt, as already mentioned, it will happen eventually


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lets face it all the deer I have met are illiterate sons of b****** and cannot or will not read maps so I am sure they are in many places not yet marked on any survey. regards SBM


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Was the transit van it was travelling involved in the RTA?!

heard of a guy who got stopped trying to get two roe onto a ferry in the back of a van
probably bollox that one though