Muntjac in the north

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Just a quick enquiry as to the current northern limit to the range of muntjac, specifically any sightings in Yorkshire?. I know they are very well established in the greater proportion of Lincolnshire and a few have probably got as far as the Humber.

Here in East Yorkshire I have heard of a few sightings but it is always anecdotal, I have yet to speak to anyone who has seen one with their own eyes.


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Funnily enough, I started a similar thread on another forum. I did so after seeing an article on the BBC news website about problems with munties affecting bluebell woods in the Sedgefield area.

There were a lot of responses, and it seems that there is a decent population around Sedgefield and in the Pickering area. In fact, coincidently I was on the phone recently to a mate who lives just near Pickering and had seen 2 deer early doors that he had struggled to identify. By his description, it sounded like they were munties.

I used to beat on a shoot near to Harrogate, and the keeper swore blind he had seen one on there.

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Many years a go a friend of mine who used to go on early morning runs outside Carlisle reported seeing small deer near the banks of the Eden. From his description I though they might be muntjac but they could just as easily have been roe.

There are muntjac in east Cheshire/west Derby on the edge of the Peaks
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