Muntjac killing people.

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Joking aside, I was on a shoot where a chap got ran into by a decent sized muntjac buck which knocked him flying! When he got up he was bleeding quite badly from his inner thigh and his tweed breeks were cut open. They got him to hospital where they discovered the muntjac tusk had just missed his Femoral Artery by about 1/4".
That would have been most likely fatal out in the field. Kill or be killed!:lol:


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I think they must have it on a 5 year cycle?
I've had this as part of a DSC 1 lecture which I've now added the latest one!
I think people sometimes misjudge deer, especially at certain times of the year (rut). Deer in my opinion are to a certain extent like people, some have an attitude and with Sika stags in particular they can be very aggressive, especially when wounded. Muntjac I have had no issue with personally, and I know that the Muntjac Tikka 308 had an incident with was annoyed and becoming quite aggressive towards him whilst he was waiting in a hedge.

As for Muntjac killing someone deliberately not true, but as with stalking you never know what is going to happen, and I am sure, like me you have had some suprising moments with deer that do not fit in with the general rule of thumb.


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The Daily Mail is a shocking publication, th eonline version even worse. At least the paper version could be used for litter trays


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Malc I think you are quite right about people misjudging deer, all deer have the ability to cause you serious damage in one way or another if you get close to them, and MS these stories do look as if they go around in cycles to be re-run every so often.

Buchan I don't know how you can make such an outrageous claim. :D You're spot on about the online version being even worse than the paper version, crikey there's no difference between the Mail and the Sun these days. They even make the Daily Sport look like a broadsheet.


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I think the reference to deer killing and injuring people is in reference to road accidents caused by deer, but as above dont underestimate any deer they do have the ability to cause injury and even death

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We got guy at work few years ago he trashed his 11 plate VW van in Suffolk , one cost him £500 excess as no other cars were to blame, the Hire co said he should have seen the deer running in the trees then out in front of him at four in the morning :cuckoo:


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They got him to hospital where they discovered the muntjac tusk had just missed his Femoral Artery by about 1/4".
That would have been most likely fatal out in the field. Kill or be killed!:lol:
It was a very similar story (Muntjac at femoral artery level) that had me add some sachets of Celox haemostatic granules to my bag's first aid kit.

They might or might not work, but at least if I bleed out I will have died trying! :eek:


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Context and chance is everything -
Its a bit like when they release the ROSPA figures each year and it turns out that socks killed X number of people (put them on standing on one leg, fall over and hit head on wall), putting trousers on killed X number and so on. Taken out of context you'd get the impression socks were roaming the country killing people! When I did a search to remind me of what the figures are (4 deaths a year putting trousers on is average apparently) surprise, surprise, which newspaper had the first link I found?...... .


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I don't know of anybody being killed by Deer but I do know of a guy that was nearly killed by Roe.
He shot three in a very remote and dangerous area on Salisbury Plain and it nearly killed him carrying them out ;)


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Amazing finally an article highlighting the damage caused by deer, an article highlighting the high number of road accidents caused by deer including a number of fatalities, an article highlighting that increasing deer numbers are out of control and an article which supports the control of deer numbers, and all people can do is ridiculed it.
Nowhere does it say the deer are deliberately going around murdering people.
We complain when articles are against controlling deer, we complain when articles support controlling deer. What does it take to make people happy.


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Casper what I was ridiculing was the alarmist wording of the headlines in both cases not questioning or making fun of the content of the reports no matter how far they deviate from the facts.
As far as I know deer are not going out with the intention of deliberately targeting humans, nor are boar ripping up graves but that is the suggestion that could be inferred by these alarmist headlines.
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"Were Norma and Peter quoted correctly? "

Probably not if my experience of the press is anything to go by. They do like to sex up a story!
DSC01104.JPG This "little " chap gave me a bit of a scare when I was fishing a few years ago in the wild and distant NW of this fine country. Was quietly fishing and he ambled right up to me - didn't run off when shouted at - and as I was only armed with a 13' rod, he seemed to understand that he had the upper hand! However as this was four years ago and I'm up there again next week for the fishing and a stag - I shall possibly have my revenge! Thankfully in the photo, you can't here the fear in my voice as I scuttled away along the bank!:scared: