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Hi all,
I am 'still' trying to get land permisson from the 'Wildlife Trust' in my area. I've produced a very extensive management plan which even goes into the history of deer management in the area in the medieval times. I know.. I know a bit too much information, but this lot have NO understanding of deer or their management at all! Its become my personal cruisade to educate these 'Hat racks'. Now what I'm missing is some nice muntjac photos. I've plenty of pictures of deer damage. But I just can't get any nice munty photos. Would anyone have any nice piccies that they could let me have Please? Half of the people I have to convince don't know what a deer looks like!
Once I've completed my work I'm going to fire it off to the Deer Initative for approval and then give it to the 'Trust' to chew over. Maybe then they will put down their face painting gear and home made wind turbines to actually do something for the Munties and the Woodland they live in.
Thanks in advance people.

My supporters within the Trust want me to set up a Deer management Co-operative as there will be too much work for one stalker alone. so maybe I can return the favour.


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Hi Beowulf,
My field of interesr may be of value in getting your wildlife trust moving.May actually help with the deer initiative as well.
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Hope the dentist hasn't knocked you around too much; oatmeal porridge for a week????


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hello beowulf,
thought you might be interested in this pic i took the other day for your reference

nahh, not really......i think if i would have seen this monster i think i would have been shaking like a sh#ting dog with 'buck fever' and probably fell out of the high seat!!
lovely buck i think you would agree????
have a good weekend



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Duggers you are mental! Is it a Vietnese Muntjac? You are right though, if I had some of those buggers on my patch I'd get a shark cage not a high seat! :eek:

Hi Apollo, Dead does quite welcome! I want to show all aspects of the deer from fawn to fillet steak.

Hi Duncs, Duggers photo is rather good isn't it. Do you think it would make a gold medal? :D


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one from last year, i went into a 200 acre wood in the cotswolds yesterday just for a look around but could only cover about 10 acreas as i had to meet the landowner at nine and it was to foggy to get in there any earlier and i seen five muntjac.....



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heres another cracker to add to your pics!!....
not your normal run of the mill muntys but, .....hey,....its good to be different!!! :lol:




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mr B you are welcome to any pics i hav of munties and if they are not good enough you can come and take your own. you carry the camera i will carry my rifle perfect

The Mole

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duggers said:

I know the world hates a smartarse, but Duggers' pic is of a Giant muntjac, Megamuntiacus vuquangensis. Only 'discovered' as recently as 1994 in Vietnam, probably occur in Laos & Cambodia as well. Adult bucks go up to 110lbs live weight. As far as I'm aware there are none in captivity outside Vietnam.


Beowulf said:
My supporters within the Trust want me to set up a Deer management Co-operative as there will be too much work for one stalker alone.

Best of luck. We have been trying to do just that for the last 12 years with our two wildlife trusts in the region. I am contemplating taking on a new challenge of pushing water up hill. It looks far less demanding and you achieve measurable successes far quicker.
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