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Shot my best muntjac a few nights ago after 10 years of stalking, very happy 😃
There’s a bit more to add to the story, I’m not a big writer I’d rather be out stalking but here goes,
After arriving at the ground early morning, I stalked a fallow pricket for some time but couldn’t get a safe shot , the he clocked me a off he went, I thought all was lost but carried on to a high seat overlooking a ride , and settled in scanning with my binoculars, then after about 1 hour he just appeared to my right looking straight at me , as soon as he looked down to feed, rifle was up and shot hit the spot and down he went . Result , then off to the van to cook breakfast, breakfast done off to shoot a few squirrels , then stalked to a high tower for last light , nothing about so just as it was getting dark I thought I’d give the buttolo a try, after approx 10 minutes with wind in my face I hear a bark behind me , turning round there he was Muntjac no time to waste rifle mounted again and the rest is history, but my best result so far in 10 years of stalking , thanks for reading. And Happy stalking


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Nice write up .308max. Sounds like an excellent day. Was that in Warwickshire? I was born near Warwick and spent the next thirty odd years schooling, working and shooting in the county. There were good numbers of muntjac about when I lived there 30 years ago.


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Quite an unusual head on that Munty. Surprised he hasn't snapped an antler fighting as they're very thin for their length.
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