Murdered by Car Thieves


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I am a great believer in fate and have always thought that if it's your day there ain't much you can do about it but when you read a story like this it just goes to prove that to some, anothers life is worthless. A family have lost a much loved member for nothing. Every faith that they will be caught but the punishment just never seems to meet the crime.

BBC News - James Simpson, 76, murdered by car thief in Ashgill


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Only up the road from me and I am in Ashgill tonight.
You will remember that my Defender was broken into a couple of weeks ago, is it the same scum???


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It's about time the scum in this country got the same as they dish out, id tie them to the front of a landrover and drive it into the nearest brickwall ! My thoughts are with the family


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Bring back Capital punishment stops over crowding in jails, stop people like this from doing it again because why should they be able to have a life when they have so brutally taking another's!!! Thoughts are with family and friends.


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begs the question how many car thieves use google street view to have a look round their local area for cars they want from the comfort of their own crack den!?

but emphasises that it is just a car/wallet/phone and not worth losing your life over.


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Ive had two tow balls knicked off the back of my disco thats parked on my drive in a cul-de-sac and under the bedroom window .

Had a quote tonight for cctv £600. plus the cost of another tow ball £220. !!

Plus a lovely comforting letter from victim support !


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Speaking to a chap on a shoot the other day, who had recently been on safari to Namibia... he told a story as follows :- The PH who he had booked a safari with, his father had been mugged on their remote farm in the bush, and the guys amongst other items had stolen the father`s shoes while he was tied to a chair....

The PH and his assistant reported it to the police, who said he would have to deal with it, as his farm was so far away from the nearest police station. So PH and the assistant, went in to the bush with .300 Win Mags, tracked the thieves for 8 hours - cos the idiot was wearing the shoes he stole, and then when the PH and the assistant got to within a couple of hundred yards, they let the thieves have it.....

Word got out, and no more trouble at their farm !!!! Sounded a bit brutal, but obviously effective.....

Not condoning that sort of behaviour here, cos they all have `uman rights`..... but if only !!!!!!

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Well the scumbag got 17 years, but it is too little, too late; if there had been proper sentences for at least some of the string of his previous convictions then this might not have happened.


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I always had a 1911 colt government legally in the glovebox of my pickup in New Mexico, USA. Gets to give you a little comfort.


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Horrible situation and for the family! One of our customers is ex South African and when his mum had her handbag pinched of her arm went home got another and put a hand grenade in with string attached to her wrist and then went out walking again in the hope the thieves would do it again but to her disappointment nothing happened!

Human rights stand in the way of everything unfortunately today!