Mushroom ID please!


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Had a lovely walk through the forest this evening after a good spell of rain picking mushrooms, got a good haul of ones I'm confident on but I stumbled across one which I couldn't ID, and as such left alone. The closest I got was Glistening Inkcap. They were underneath some deciduous trees with old stumps and wood about. 4 or 5 clusters of them much like the picture. The rain had just stopped so they were still wet. Gills were greyish.

What do you lot think it could be?


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I wasn't too far off then! Might be getting better at this mushroom picking lark. Something I've read says that the Caprinellus Micaceus and Glistening Inkcap are commonly confused. Both edible from what I am reading so think I may revisit the spot next week


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I have an app on my phone for identifying plants, trees etc.
It’s called ‘Picture this’. Quite good too.