Muzzle Brakes


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Hi chaps

I just wanted to know if anyone uses a muzzle brake on their rifle. I use a .308 Sako Finnlight, a great rifle but just a wee bit jumpy as it only weigh 6lbs, and I would like to calm it down a bit.

Considered a mod but dont want to spoil the handling and proportions of a nice compact gun.

I have been told they can add to muzzle blast and the report volume and was interested to know about other peoples opinions.

BTW great site, only just discovered it but fairly hooked now.




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James a muzzle brake on a .308 is not worth it. It does tame the recoil but adds so much noise to the report it spoils the pleasure of shooting.
I think you found it a bit jumpy on the Range? if so, then a muzzle brake will not make you very popular also some ranges do not allow/encourage them.
I have a similar weight .308, the Remmy LVSF and find under stalking/hunting conditions you don't even notice the recoil.
If you are finding it too 'jumpy' then perhaps you are not holding it correctly because that will make a big difference.
If you want to know what recoil/noise is really like use a .270 on the range but even that is reasonable if held properly.


I used a steyr scout with a moderator in .308 and learned to hate it. The moderator destroyed the handling of the rifle and without it I just hated shooting it. I must have turned into a bit of a jessey as I get older because without the mod a range session was just no joy and the concept of a follow up shot if needed was a joke as it would have been a long time coming. I looked around for a rifle of the same calibre with similar characteristics but one that I thought would be more gentle. I eventually bought the mannlicher ssg piv which has a factory fitted muzzle brake. Its not very attractive but my reaction in the short time I have had it is very favourable. It shoots and handles very well and has significantly less felt recoil. I also use a finnlight in .243 and believe that a muzzle break would help quite a bit but it would certainly spoil the looks and feel of a very good rifle


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Thanks guys, probably confirmed my suspicions.

It is not a pressing issue as I dont shoot huge numbers of rounds as the rifle is 99% stalker, and still shoots sub inch groups, but after 20 rounds in practice the other day I certainly knew I had shot it!

As said though do I want to spoil the lines of a nice little stalker-probably not.

Think I may be forced to buy a Sako varmint in .308 as well! :lol:



yes the finlght is a proper light weight, you could save buying another heavy gun if you wish to try a few reduced recoil loads for practice, lighter bullets and the correct powder can take the sting out of most guns.

My heavy .308" kicks less than by .243" lightweight, but i sure prefer to cart round the .243".

Consider if the finlight fits you and also the posibilities of fitting a better pad ! My 7mm hurt like hell untill i put a pacmar decelarator on it.


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I am very pro Muzzle brakes (and muzzle porting) and have been experimenting for a while with different designs. I like them and enjoy the comfort they provide at the shoulder and the improvement which that comfort brings in terms of accuracy.

Yes they are noisy - esp for others - but how noisy also depends on design. The best aspect is little added weight (or even a reduced weight for porting) yet a brake made correctly will provide no muzzle flip whatever the cal so you can see your shot hit the target.

I am presently using a 325WSM that I have ported. No flip and such low recoil that I can hold it at arms length in one hand and fire it without discomfort. Now, that is with 220grn ammo that without the porting gives a felt recoil approximating to firing 2 x 308 with 165grn ammo both at the same time from the same shoulder. It is also little louder than without the porting for the shooter and significantly quieter for the quarry as all the noise is dissipated immediately in front of the shooter so offering a much improved chance of a second shot at deer as the group will be so much less disturbed - just as they are with a moderator.

Give me a brake (or better still porting) every time.

An example of my own mini brake on a lighweight 308

An example of porting which is cosmetically quite attractive although the close ups were taken immeadiately after machining.


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Thanks for the input guys-much appreciated. I had not considered porting but I must admit that it is a more cosmetic+lightweight remedy than some of the other options and is something I will be looking at. Can you buy them 'off the shelf'?

Other than that I dont have any grumbles about the rifle, and would recommend one to anybody.

Just took my first stag with it, a big woodland red, 13-14 years old and over 400lbs! 25 yard neck shot. Happy days.




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To port a barrel as I have you drill holes into the barel at predefined points and then counterbore to just behind the first hole (from chamber end) minimum size to allow free passage of the bullet leaving a clean 'crown' at the new end of the rifling.
It could easily be done to your barrel.


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Hi James,
The traditionalists are going to be after me for this one, but Blaser do a factory porting for some of their barrels if you want to go down that route. I use an R93 in .243win and love it, although I use a moddie (A10) so it's not a direct comparison. If Blaser engineer their ported barrels as precisely as they do everything else they make, it could be worth a try.
I would suggest a moddie to anyone else but as you mention cosmetics....
I love moddies and wouldn't shoot without one now unless I'm in a country that disallows them, but if they don't do it for you a well designed porting sytem is what you need. Just don't let your mates stand beside you when you shoot. I was on a range in Canada recently and was two benches off to the side of a guy zeroing a ported/braked 300 win mag, and it was not pleasant! He raised dust round me and the noise was awful, but at least his muzzle flip and recoil seemed imperceptible.
I would normally wish you best of luck with the shooting but it looks like you have plenty of that already!!! Well done on the stag.


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Remember you must NOT use a commercial moderator with a ported barrel. You will need a special and presently I know of no-one who makes them for resale.


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Again, many thanks for your input gents. I will have a look at my options and see what suits. Possibly a small can could be the order of the day after all!? I dont think my fellow BDS members will appreciate a 20'' barreled .308 with a muzzle brake after all at the rifleshoots. :lol:

Cheers geoshot, it was an amazing stalk and a memeory of a lifetime. It took some dragging out of that damn wood though!! Worth it mind.

Good shooting,