My 1st Deer - A Roe Buck

Well I have been getting some ear ache about not getting this write up done, so here goes.

Last Wednesday my mate Paul (Tikka_69) rang me on my way home from work to see if I fancied going out to try and get a roe buck and also my first deer.

As you can imagine I jumped at the chance, I got home had a bit of tea and got my gear together including plenty of mossie spray as last time I went out with him the little sh#ts had one hell of a feast on my head.

We got to the piece of ground about half past seven and made our way down the grass margin to a hedge where we was going to wait to see if anything was going to appear in a piece of rough ground next to the wood. Well we had been there over a hour and not seen a thing so was contemplating a move, but decided against it as the wind would have been wrong for us coming back later on so decided to sit it out.

Movement - Paul had spotted some ears in the rough and soon identified it as a doe we sat and watched her for 15 - 20 minutes as she moved around feeding, she eventually came out of the rough to the edge of a sugar beet field and we suddenly realized that there was movement behind her, all of a sudden a head appeared with a nice pair of antlers attached to it.

The waiting game was on.

The doe moved a little further into the sugar beet field and he followed only to be showing me his rear end, Paul said if he turns broadside and I was comfortable on the sticks to take the shot. What was probably five minutes seemed like hours, the doe carried on feeding and to my horror the buck turned and went back into the rough. After another ten minutes or so he reappeared on the edge of the sugar beet but again showing me his rear. All of a sudden he turns and starts walking further away but was now broadside, I watched through the scope mumbling under my breath stop,stop,stop to which he did but facing away from me again.

At this point I was beginning to think that it wasn't going to happen tonight but it had been nice watching them totally unaware that we was there, when all of a sudden it turned broadside. All I had to do was keep my nerve which wasn't that easy now, my knees where killing as I had been on them for ages. I managed to steady myself and squeeze the trigger.

I heard the reassuring thump of the bullet hitting its target but hadn't seen whether it had gone straight down because of the recoil, I knew Paul was watching through the binos so asked him. He said it had dropped on the spot and began to congratulate me on my first deer.

After five minutes we had a walk over and there it was a beautiful buck in its summer coat, I had hit it a little high and on closer inspection during the gralloch we saw that the bullet had gone straight through the spine, breaking it and not even exited.

It has now been skinned and is now with another friend for butchering. I was not sure whether to have the head mounted properly or just do the skull but I have decided to go for the full mount after Paul said he wished he'd had his first one done and that if I didn't I would regret it and so have put the head in the freezer.

Hear are a couple of pictures, sorry if I have gone on a bit but it's not every day you shoot your first deer.




A big thanks to Paul (Tikka_69) for taking me out and getting me my first deer. I reckon I owe you a pint or two :D:D:D


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Congratulations on your first and many more to come. Nothing better than looking on your to admire your adventures.

Double four

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Nice one Wayne no doubt that 'll be the first of many and its a nice looking representative buck too, a great gesture from Paul even though it might cost you dearly in beer tokens :lol: well done to the both of you. DF


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Well done hope its the first of many. Its good to see how much you and your pal got from the experience.


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I enjoyed reading that, well done .. there is something special about a mid summer buck. Without a doubt my favorite British countryside animal.


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Nice one buddy there's no going back now the green eyed monster will get you now ask Paul cost him a fortune since he got his first buck at burnhead many moons ago well done again and a good write up buddy:D


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Well done Wayne enjoy the burgers just right for the barbeque season :lol:.
ps I know someone local to do that head if you haven't got it covered and aren't in a hurry as he does tend to take his time :D.