My .223


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Hello all, new to this site but I thought I'd share some pics of my first centerfire that I bought last year :) (If I can work out how to post pics that is)
It's CZ527 Ebony Edition .223

My first day out in the field after boresighting(Ican see you're impressed by my home made target!)

And at the range with PRVI's I think

I've only taken it out to about 150yds but zero about 1"high at 100yds(Not too easy with a 6x scope) Shoots well with Federal, but even better (1/2") with PRVI's and 55grn Sako.


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Hello Mick, what a lovely looking rifle! It makes mine look a bit on the plain side!
That bavarian/hogs back stock looks the business too.
I have had to fit a cheek piece bag to manage a 50mm objective lens,but I shoot tikka's & they don't give much height on the stock.

I believe there was a golden anniversary edition of the cz .22lr, but I didn't ever get a look at one - only 500 made.
They have a good reputation, my local rfd/keeper swears by cz. Danny


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I bought it purely for it's looks! Probably doesn't shoot any better than a standard one but I thought I'd treat myself as it's my first rifle. I think it was only about £150 more expensive than a basic one though.

I couldn't resist that swirled barrel :rolleyes:


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I can see why you had to have it, good to know that it's accurate, my preference is to have a magazine fed rifle.
Here' my .223, no frills, but it was my first rifle, so I'll be keeping it, not so much for sentimentality, but the old model tikkas are a bit less common these days.



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Jagare said:
Cracking looking rifle. Shame you spoiled it with that ugly mod ;)
I know what you mean. I'ts ruined the looks and the handling, all the stalkers I've spoken to reckon a mod doesn't make any difference to whether you get that second/third shot off because the deer dont know what all the noise is about ;)