my .308 ammunition, what now ?

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I’ve settled on an initial hunting load for my .308, to get me out with my own ammo (125gn ballstic tip, 48.5gn N140, cci 200 primer, 70mm COL) which gives me the following performance from my blaser .308 through the T4 moderator.

100M = 1” high (sub 1” groups every time with 8* 56 scope)
150M = zero
200M = 2” low

I haven’t chrony’d but calculation puts it about 2995 fps, 2490 ft lbs

The case is full to the bottom of the neck, so inserting the boat tails causes no problems of pinching the powder/bulging the neck, and it is very soft to shoot, much nicer than the factory federal 150gn that i have. There are no pressure signs on the primers or the case, and extraction is easy.

Vhit data quotes 49.9 as max for this powder.

Question.. should i push it with a bit more powder, or should i just stop here?


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You are under no obligation to load to the maximum. To me you seem to have an accurate load, that is comfortable to shoot, easy on you and the brass, no holdover to mess with out to 200 yards, you have done a good job.

If you are happy with the accuracy beyond 100 yards my advice to you would be to go and hunt.


Offroad Gary

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snowstorm said:
What are your groups at 150M and 200M?

when i tried it at 150 there was a strong side wind, pushed the shots 6 - 8" wide. not a proper group, but good level

i moved the target so wind was behind and pulled back to 200, no drift, group about 2 1/2 " (shot with warm gun off bonnet, cross hairs are 28mm thick at this range, shooting at 3" orange circle on cardboard box, you can only just see the circle either side of the cross)

i need to try at 200 again when cold to get a proper group.

JayB, i'm a hunting with it this weekend!!! :p

was looking forward to trying my moderated .243 this weekend but went to pick up blaser barrell last night, it was too hard for the riflesmiths lathe/cutting tool and has had to be sent away to another for screwcutting. :evil: :evil: :evil:


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bucksden said:
I went to pick up blaser barrell last night, it was too hard for the riflesmiths lathe/cutting tool and has had to be sent away to another for screwcutting. :evil: :evil: :evil:

I have machined titanium on a myford super 7, your smith must have some of the poorest quality lathe tools made. :eek: :eek: :eek: :confused:

Best rgds



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If you are happy that 2 1/2 inch group will do the job for you at that range then leave it there. But if you are not an 'accurate' shot yourself, then a 2 1/2 margin of error could take you outside of the kill zone if your POI is moving due to you.

I'd be happy with 1 inch at 100M, because I don't, and don't need to, shoot further than that, and even allowing for shooter error I'd still be in the kill zone.

But I'd want a tighter group at 200m because I am not that good a shot and I wander at that range (I'm practicing and getting better).

Someone here (it might be 300wsm) said that 1/4 minute of angle is not the same as a 1/4 minute of deer. Very true.

I'm still working towards my best group, then I'll start pushing the range.

Like you say, you are out shooting for real. If you can get all your shots in the kill zone circle for your target deer then that determines your efffective range, if you are there now, then what you have is OK. That's my approach anyway.

But tweaking loads is addictive, and hey! I'm no expert!

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a 2 1/2" group at 200 is fine. thats only 1 1/4" variation from your poa, plus drop (2"). the wind will screw your shot up more than the grouping at that range. to shoot much tighter groups than that you would need good conditions and a "targety" scope/ fine cross hair, my 8*56's are great stalking scopes but not the best for accuracy testing. i wouldnt normally shoot deer at that range anyway, just nice to know what the round is doing in case a long shot is needed.

bear in mind its a .308, margin for error is better that some of the inferior calibres ;)

i think some more experimentation is required - on live targets :evil:


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Just to give you an idea of how I cant leave it alone...

I have a perfectly good group at 39 gr, but I'm going to start working up in 1/10th gr increments to 39.5gr. It appeals to the obsessive in me.


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Obesessive ;)

Can I lend you my copies of:

The Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy - Glenn Newick
Gun Digest Long Range Shooting - LP Brezny
The Benchrest Shooting Primer - Precision Shooting Magazine 1982-1996

and these are just the nearest ones on the shelf!! The last one in particular contains mind-numbing levels of detail....

Thinking about it, if I'd saved the money I spent on books on deer/reloading/accuracy/sniping I could have bought several more rifles :D

Actually, this brings to mind a good question. Which of the books you've read on reloading/shooting would you select as the best? Maybe allowing for the top 3, and with a separate category for deer & stalking?


Offroad Gary

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took a young vixen with one of these last night, amazing damage! different than i expected. hit her at 180m head on, 10mm under the left eye - small entry hole.both eyes popped out, jaw dislocated, neck smashed to pieces, bullet probably somewhere in the body, but no exit wound or marks anywhere whatsoever :confused:
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