My Final Score 5-1 To The Muntjac

Uncle Norm

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Five o'clock yesterday morning found me meeting up with three of our DMG members at one of our woods.
After the usual briefing we all went off to our allocated areas. All sounded promising as several Muntjac were calling in the wood. There was very little wind and the woodland floor was very dry, so stalking would not be easy.

It was still not light enough to shoot as I made my way to my high seat. I hadn't gone more than 150 yards, when the first one stamped its feet and made off into cover. Another hundred yards and the same again ! 2-nil. The remainder of my journey was uneventful.

By 5.30 I was sitting in my high seat overlooking a finger-ride site. As the light improved I waited for the deer to appear. At about 5.45 I heard a shot and 'thump' from one of the others, so one in the bag. As I was looking along each of the three fingers, I noticed a Muntjac doe had appeared in the middle one at about fifty yards distance and was looking straight at me. From long experience I knew that if I moved, she would be off so I sat still until she started moving off to the left. By the time I got the cross on her, all I could see was the gut and haunches, so no shot. 3-nil.

Another half an hour went by with no more movement, so I thought 'time for a cup of tea'. As I moved to pour from my flask there was a thump immediately behind my high seat, the sound of something departing into an adjacent large bramble patch, followed by the alarm bark. The barking continued for the next twenty minutes or so. Despite it being only about fifteen yards away, look as I may, I could not see the Muntjac, so enjoyed a couple of cups of tea instead. 4-nil.

At about 7.15 a Muntjac doe appeared in the left hand finger, which I actually managed to shoot. In woodland with deep cover, I pin them through the shoulders, which I did this time and the deer dropped to the shot. 4-1.

Nothing else appeared and we had agreed that 'last shot' would be at nine o'clock so by 8.30 I was getting a bit chilly and stiff, so thought I would get down from the high seat, gralloch the carcass and start making my way back. I left my rifle unloaded lying on my roe sack whilst I recovered the carcass. As I approached the carcass, there was another Muntjac standing near the finger ride looking at me ! Final score 5-1 to the Muntjac.

Meeting up with the others, one had shot a deer, one had seen several but no shot, whilst another had not seen anything. Such is the luck of the draw.
A thoroughly enjoyable morning with lots of other wildlife seen and only two miles from my home.
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Please excuse my inappropriateness, but when you described a high seat overlooking a finger ride site, I had to wonder if you were engaging in some form of voyeurism !:coat:
Glass half full/ half empty feeling of trying to move quietly when the ground is dry, only to hear the deer running off, barking etc; great to know they are there, but also that you may not see them again that outing !
Sounds like you've no shortage of munties there! On my "to do" list....


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Great little wright up muntjac can such tricky little buggers especially at this time of year when the cover is on the rise ,I no we all shoot them as standard practice in woodland management but I do think we are blessed to have them


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Tried calling this morning after bumping several muntjac and couldn't see a single one for the cover already up so high we moved to a clearing off to the side of a thicket of blackthorn using a cherry wood call we had a roe doe looking like she was ready to burst running to within 5yrds with a buck not far behind not sure who was more surprised me or the deer hell of a rush no deer taken but made my day still smiling now SDM