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Richard Parsons

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Can anyone set me straight on one question? I went out at 5.30 this morning to sit in a seat and see what happens by, and the moment I tiptoed into the field a roe started barking and legged it into the woods. Now, should I go to the seat and let it settle or quit and move on. I sat up for one hour but saw nothing.


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If you are intending using a high seat then I would stay, especially if you know that there are several deer or a specific deer in the area. In my experience, the ground can settle very quickly and deer can appear as soon as 5 minutes later.


The Mole

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At this time of year there is a lot of barking going on - so don't be too put off. Unless the bark starts with a longer, more drawn out bark that Richard Prior describes as 'baugh', which is an alarm bark. A series of shorter barks can often be just a challenge.


RP If you can go up the seat unseen then that's the way to go but remember that deer see just as well with there nose as they do there eyes and there hearing is superb.
So its in the dark into the wind of were you think there deer are and as silent as you can.Try stalking into your high seat as if you have already seen the deer that's how slow and quite you need to be. Ps best of luck . ;)
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