My Mac Nab


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This was taken just after completing my Mac Nab on the Amhuinnsuide Castle Estate earlier this year, now i know the stag is crap but when you've caught the Salmon and it gets to mid day and that is the stag you come into, you have to shoot it. The grouse were quite straight forward, walked up around Loch Voshimid. All done in 6 hours, the Salmon being my very first too! A good day!
Just need a Sika and a CWD now!


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Well done Amhuinnsuidhe,
Just one point though, there is no such thing as a crap deer, stag or otherwise. They all count the same bar bragging rights.

Fantastic - well done! After 14 years I've yet to even get a salmon and a stag on the same day, let alone the grouse.

BTW, I'm with geoshot on this - there's no such thing as a crap stag (nor an ugly salmon).