My new gun for High volume Fenced areas


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Not having watched the video to its conclusion, I can only imagine the high fiving and "Hell yeahs". Still, at least they're not towing other humans down the street attached to the back of their pickup trucks.


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Am sure they placed a last meal in its mouth, said a little prayer, and then took a moment to give thanks and reflect upon the animal that had given its life to feed them and their families...


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There are some really sick examples of human life on this planet. . Upon pulling into the second base, one of the military officers turned around and said, "You want chicken, goat or cow?" I said, "what? what for?" naively although I already had an idea where this was going. He replied to shoot at. I respectfully declined as blowing up innocent animals just isn't my cup of tea. Where we set up there was a mountain range about 200-300 meters or so out. That would serve as a perfectly harmless target.


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I find that unacceptable to be honest. Its the rest of us that have to live buffoons like that down.


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From what I've seen of most yanky hilly Billy shooters they would need something like that to score a bit, i too find it distasteful and nothing to do with pest control in the least, invasive species or not.