My niece in Florida has another new neighbor.

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She had one like this a year and a half ago, it was relocated by the state. Now it’s twin is there. It really makes me wonder what goes prowling around her neighborhood at night.


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I lived out there for a while…you knew if you had a Gator about because your dog disappeared!


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Up until a couple of years ago, we went on holiday every year or so to Kissimmee in Florida, always renting a lakeside villa so we can enjoy the fishing and wildlife. Nearly every holiday we saw gators, some about 6 or 7 feet long.
The biggest I ever saw was a couple of year ago, we were returning home late after a day at the theme parks and drove into Walmark car park via one of the minor entrance roads. I could not believe my eyes when crossing the road was a gator whose body was about 8 ft long. The tail added another 5 or do feet.
It was massive!
We sat and watched him for a couple of minutes as he just stood there. Kids got photos on their phone but were rubbish due to it being dark.
During the daylight, I noticed there was a little pond teeming with fish that it emerged from. Never saw it again but often saw deer around that little pond, totally unfazed by all the cars passing on the adjacent highway 192.
We later saw on the news that the authorities were actively looking for an old tramp last seen in that area and the thought did cross my mind that if he met that huge gator, he would indeed be missing!