My Poor Wee Dog

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Well, the vet just phoned with some bad news. My poor little Holly has a neuroblastoma. It large and probably benign but it is growing and will eventually close off the aorta and intestines. He said it might be that one of the veterinary unis could operate but you run the risk of spending thousands and still have a dead dog at the end. If it was his dog, he said, he wouldn't operate.

I've now got to go and tell an 8 year old his dog is terminally ill. Great start to the holidays.

So, when it all gets too much, she'll join my old boy who we lost just before Christmas, under the cliffs down by the shore where the gulls wheel and the oystercatchers bicker and the heather comes down to the sea.



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Feel for you mate !

Nice to see you have a good vet that gives sound advice and not just taking your money !


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so sorry to hear , she is such a beautifull dog
terminal illnesses are never easy to come to terms with what ever age they are
take care


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It's a sad dirty business when the time comes to make the decision, it's hard, very hard to follow your head when your heart has something else in mind.

I always swear that I will never put myself through it again, but I always do.




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Hi Drew,
I lost my Lurcher Poppey at Christmas to cancer. Only today I saw a dog just like her, I jumped out of the lorry to take a second look; a complete double in every way. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I spent the rest of the day thinking about my old pup, she would have been 10 years old in two weeks.

It will be hard and we all have different ways of coping with the loss. Nothing much I can say but you have to do what is best for your dog. I'm gutted for you mate I really am. I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. :(


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Thanks for your comments chaps, it's much appreciated. It's going to be a hard time. The ironic thing is she's being a little treasure at the moment and a total joy to be with. Hey ho.


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Well, that's it, my poor little dog is gone. It's hit the family very hard, especially my 8 year old. At the moment he's wrting a bgapipe tune for her and has made a plaque to go on her grave. It's difficult to hold on to your emotions when you child is in so much grieff.

She was a more a member of the family than any dog we've ever had and will be sadly missed.

The last photo of Holly:



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Sorry to hear this Drew, never easy.

We lost our German Shepherd last year, my eldest was gutted, she was 6 at the time.

Hold onto the good times Buddie.

Take Care.



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I know exactly what you are going thro, nobody that hasn't lost a dog, will understand the pain.
I lost my Mother the same week I lost my first dog and to tell the truth I felt more knocked out by losing my dog!
The second one was just after I lost my Brother and my wife had a breakdown.
Life is so cruel, we all say we will never put ourselves thro' it again by having another dog, but we do.
All we can say is that during it's life it gave you the best and you did the best for it, so think of the good times you shared and don't be sad.
Think of the good times that a new dog will have sharing the future.
No dog will ever replace the one you lose as each one is special.
I was fortunate in that I had a very good artist living close by, so had mine done in oils but although they look good on the wall the best pictures are the ones taken in the field, each running about or refusing to give up a bird or peeing on the next guns lunch box during a break in the day!!
Times like that should bring fond memories not sad ones but it is only Human nature to be sad as well.
Every dog owner here, I am sure, feels for you.


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so sorry to hear of your loss , such a beautifull girl, both myself and O/H are gutted, as we been there so many times before and know , sort of how you all are feeling
take care and best wishes
stone and O/H
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