My Sako 85 Varmint in a New Dress


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7-08Ai's post here of the GRS stock inspired me. My Sako 85 Varmint in .260 Rem has been seeing a lot of range work the last 6 months. Lots of club comps between 100 and 600m. Also it gets to follow me out and about in the gun boot on the Quad as an option if I need to reach out longer than I'm comfortable with with the .222 or .223.
Have been thinking about a stock that allows a bit of adjustment without being tacticool and the GRS Sporter seemed to fit the bill.

Got in touch with my LGS who checked with the distributors. They had one in stock for the Sako 85 S action. In what they call black but it's more of a dark grey and that suited me fine. Took a bit of a punt, not having the chance to try one out, and ordered it. It arrived on Thursday and I headed off to pick it up. Well aware of the much misaligned recoil lug solution on the 85's, anyway on the woods and laminates (I have four 85's) I was wondering how the GRS guys had chosen to address this as the stock was said to be a drop-in. Did they use the same method as on the original with the horizontal plate screwed into the stock? Not that I've been able to perceive anything wonky with the performance of my own rifles.

On opening the box it looks just great. Well made and nicely finished. I didn't feel the slightest urge to wear a baseboll cap back-to-front, not shave for a few days nor put on wrap-around sunnies ;). It's slightly heavier than the original - 106 grams. GRS have chosen not to use the horizontal recoil plate method. If you are familiar with Sako actions you might know that immediately in front of the threaded boss that normally fits into the plate, there is a machined slot. This fits onto a floating lug in the stock. I think this is the same solution as on the Tikkas (and maybe even 85's in synthetic stocks? I've never seen one of those). I couldn't pull the lug out by hand and didn't try with tools. It has a generous barrel channel. Get a banknote in between? I can fit my whole wallet in there! So far the only negative is that I have to lower the cheek piece in order to remove the bolt. Might get a large hole drilled in the end of it.

I haven't shot it yet. Hoping to do so this week. If it mirrors the performance of the "old combo", I'm not planning on getting it bedded.

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