My son's last!


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I've had a stoat in the freezer for a while that my son shot a few years ago (4 to be exact....:oops:; original write up at highlight=stoat)

Anyway - I eventually got my finger out and got it to the taxidermist (I told Charlie when he shot it that I'd get it mounted for him), and picked it up just before Christmas. We're both pleased with it, and it now sits in my mancave....better late than never!:rolleyes::p

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A memory for you & yer lad ... Every time you just sitting in man cave relaxing, having a wee dram & you look at that it will remind you .
I can but hope I can have something similar to jog the memory when my 2 boys old enough ... ( 5&6) both autistic but showing lot of progress ,I have a brand new yildiz folder .410 I bought on a whim with hope that the can get to the point of using it

Nice stoat
I like that

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