my trip to scotland on a bor shoot in 2004

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well in 2004 i got the chance to go on a driven bore shoot it was £500 but one of them things i had to do so off me and my friend went driving up to Scotland. we got there a hour before the rest of the shooting party got there so we got out the food and flask of tea. when they all arrived to the car park the keeper gave us out hide numbers i was no 4 and my mate was no 3, these hides were made up of 4 wooden pallets raised about 2 foot of the ground we were given strict orders not to leave the hide until we were picked up by the shoot wagon. so 8am the shoot started and the bores were driven out of the woods into feeding patches were the hides were, i could hear shots going off all around me (both rifle and shotgun) but i was not getting a opportunity to let a shot off, then this quad potted up to my hide dragging 4 bore and the guy said to me "have you got any thing yet " no mate not yet have not even seen one around here. so it was now 11am and still not let a shot off but then i herd some crashing in the tree line to my left it was one a nice big bore so i let it come in to the feeder (by this time the hart was beeting so hard it was unbelievable the adrenaline rushing trough my blood, at about 15yds it stopped and started to munch on some food from the feeder bang bang gave it 2 shots from my 12guage semi auto using 3inch magnums and it fell just in the tree line then a second came out 30 min later same agane dropped it just in the tree line then it all went quite the guy on the quad was back "you got owt yet buddy" yes mate just dropped 2 in the tree line so off he went to retrieve them when i herd a loud shot from just in the treeline he had just put a round in the back of one of the boar's head apparently one of the legs were twitching and just to make sure he shot agane. so he tied a rope around the back legs and dragged them out with the quad he said to me "what are you using" to which i replied a semi auto shotty with 3inch magnums " bloody hell you have blown half of its neck off" :eek: :eek: so any way it was now Dina so back in the wagon and down to the car park we went my mate has had 1 so far and i had 2 so after Dina back up to the hide but i got no more for the rest of the afternoon but my mate got another 2 :lol: so we ended the day with 5 between us but the over all bag was over 20 for all the guns. so off to the b&b we went ready for a beer now the next morning it was time to head home. and that was my trip to Scotland on a driven bore shoot which i realy enjoyed.


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the breefing be fore the shoot


one bore after the shoot ended

the end of day bag


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Being that close to a Boar...Was it a "Canned Hunt? I wouldn't have been that close to a Boar unless I was in a vehicle...


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Well no disrespect to yourself Russ as I guess were pretty young at the time and I suspect it was a very exciting day out. As for the other older 'hunters'...

Well I was trying to think of something constructive to say but at the moment words fail me...............


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you certainly did catch some moment russ
i would say you must of been about 13-14 years of age to fall for this
no disrespect to you as mudman has said already ,
this is one of the worst accounts of a canned hunt i hav ever heard of , these boar were not driven but kept hungry before being let out of a pen and pushed towards a feed point where you guns were so conveintately placed so an easy and guaranteed shot could take place, sorry but you should not of posted this as this is so downgrading to the rest of shooting in the uk and request admin to look hard at this with the sense to remove it
as you grow up through your shooting life i hope you will see the other side of shooting where the animals are wild this certainly is no potrait of that


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Were you next to Loch Sunart? Ive fished for Rays and Spurdogs up there, and there is penned boar up there. And the north shore we see in the photo is very similar.



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I'm sorry for you Russ if you believed you were hunting, as this was more a large outdoor slaughter house, than a hunt. :cry: I would suggest you delete the post yourself before it gets removed or you get more negative comments from the hunters on the site. I can't think of anyone here who would want to be involved in this kind of thing. :cry: Again I'm sorry, but I've got be tell it the way I see it.
Good luck in the future, find some better guidance. :rolleyes:


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im sorry russ im with the others on this one,that shouldnt be allowed.perhaps as you grow older you will look back at the trip and you will understand what we mean.


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Oh Dear! I've just had this pointed out to me because I mentioned to a friend, that I had put a deposit on a trip to Scotland Boar shooting this year.
I was surprised to be put on to Boar in Scotland but as it was a week-end trip decided to go anyway.
Oh Dear Oh Dear what have I let myself in for. Too late to pull out now but if it turns out to be something similar to the above reported trip, look out for a full report in the Sporting Rifle as the Organiser features in that Magagzine quite often. It would be a bit non 'PC' to mention the organisers name as I may be doing him an injustice, but we shall see!!


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I was asked to pull this thread by a couple of site members, but with your permission I would like to run it for the rest of the week. Canned hunts are a subject that will always cause heated debate and I think that we should highlight this issue.

Regards Admin.

paul k

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Admin. you are right to leave this thread open for a while. I feel sorry for Russ, he clearly had an exciting time but this hunt encapsulates all that is wrong with canned hunting and gives our sport a deserved bad name. Whilst fully accepting that park deer have to be culled with a rifle in many cases, hunting should be "fair chase" for free ranging wild or feral animals and this is clearly no such thing. There is also no free ranging population of boar in Scotland large enough to hunt at all let alone have a driven hunt.

The price quoted is also extortionate, you can go out for a moonlight stalk for genuine free ranging wild boar for less than half of the sum quoted. If you think that the canned hunt got the adrenalin flowing, try stalking up on a 300lb+ wild boar in the dark with others grunting and squealing all around you.

Russ you need to do two things. Don't for a minute lose your enthusiasm but be a little bit more careful about signing up for what seems to be a "too good to be true" opportunity - it probably is!

Secondly, and please don't take this the wrong way, try to improve your English a bit, I am never critical of those with less than perfect grammar or spelling as it is the content that is important not the standard of English but yours is so bad that it makes it quite difficult to follow what you are trying to say. Try writing it in MS Word and use the spell checker before posting it.


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I'm with you all the way Paul K. Russ we have spoken recently and I hope that you can understand that we all support you on this site. I hope that in time some of us can get you some stalking and give you a proper introduction into Deer and Boar stalking. With the taking of the life of such magnificent animals comes a lot of responsibility and respect for the animals concerned and the ways of the countryside laws and traditions are paramount.

As for spelling and punctuation, I use my word ‘spell check' before I post, as do many other members on here. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about my friend; you are a young man and have all the time in the world to improve. Believe me Russ, as you grow older you will see that people will judge you by how you communicate with others, it’s unfair I know and I’m just glad that I got a half decent education at your age when I joined the Royal Navy.

We are here to help you so chin up don't take it personally. ;)


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Is this estate you shot on Carrminows ? If it is it is well known for canned hunts. I believe its 400 acres, divided into 4x100acre blocks, where you can hunt exotics :lol: fair chase.

This place has had a lot of bad press and the new manager (if you can call him that) is also well known in shooting circles :confused: This kind of shooting, whether it is on Carrminows or any other area is not ethical, sporting, professional, nor can it be justified as a driven shoot.

We have deer parks where culling needs to take place and overseas clients do take trophy deer, but this is known as a fenced hunt, and with animals like Pere David, Hog Deer it is the only way to take one.

But to sell Wild Boar (and I use the name Wild with tongue in cheek in this insatnce) is a lie.

Russ91 no one is blaming you for this, I am sorry it may seem so, but I feel that the owners of this estate have cheated you and others.


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Oh Dear Oh Dear!
I'm glad this was not pulled but am now dissappointed that it was left!!
This is definately the same place that I am booked on in December. The price has gone up by £50 since that trip but the rest sounds the same, well sort of!
When I rang the agent he would not give me any details and the person that organised the group is also being kept in the dark, to a degree.
So far all we have been told is that it is a small group, plenty of Boar and it is ' a bit north of Castle Douglas' further details will follow with the final payment.
Does that sound right to you folk that live that way?


It's certainly not hard to imagine political capital being made out of such an account.
It’s a personal view and not one that I would force on others but I think in order to justify (in my own mind) killing an animal, it needs to be wild and not fed or herded into shot. I can then butcher it and be happy in the knowledge that I am eating something of greater quality than anything shop bought.



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i have only just read the artical and i must be very nieve, i am dissappointed at these practices are going on in the UK.

i feel sorry that Russ91 knew no better and paid £500 in 1994 to shoot boar , but if there is no one out there to guide or help him through the "goods and bads" in the shooting scene what else is he to do.

he should not have posted the artical about the canned hunt but i think he knew no better. we are all here to help and with the depth of experience out there on this site , the great free advice he can get will surly put him on the right track....neil


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Sika Malc,
Oh dear it is Carrminows and peter C.
It's too late now, I've paid just over half of the fee and to pull out now I would lose it.
I was not aware of the details initially but as result of Russ's post made further enquiries and by god it was like getting blood out of a stone, but from the bits and pieces I've gleaned I'm 99.999% sure it is the same place.
I was contacted in the first instance by a shooting colleague that I have shot with in Poland on a few occassions.
It has always been a problem for some to get a lot of time off for various reasons so he said he wished he could get a week-end shoot somewhere.
When we discussed it I said I would like that too so as not to leave my wife and dog for so long.
He then contacted me with this offer and 'further details to follow' so I thought yes why not and paid my deposit back in February.
I then contacted him to see if he had any more details and all he had was confirmation of the date and mentioned Scotland but nothing else.
I then contacted P.C who was rather abrupt and denied all knowledge of me and suggested I contact the person that contacted me initially.
As the cheque was made out to him and cashed by his bank I thought it rather strange and it set alarm bells ringing.
Now I am sure it is the same place but stand to lose £350 if I pull out so as much as I am against this sort of thing I will go but may end up taking notes for an article in a magazine or two!!
And yes, thank you Russ for posting the article, I wish you had posted it or I had seen it sooner.
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