My UK safari.

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I want to start out by saying thanks to the creators of this site, without them this trip would not have been possible.

Jonty, thanks to you my Yorkshireman friend. You are the man. A great host, knowledgeable on all subjects of interest, a fine dog trainer, friend and all around nice guy. The wilds of Wyoming await you, buy your deer and antelope points now! Time for that runs out very soon, go to Wyoming fish and game and do it today.

John, thanks for stopping in to visit with me. I enjoyed meeting you.

Ok, here we go, my jumbled impressions:

The UK - a lovely land with lovely people. Everyone I met was very kind and friendly. Some of you were a little hard to understand but you were very patient with me and you all had great hearts. Traveling with my firearm was simple and painless.
Food - excellent! Anyone that says the UK does not have good food is just plain nuts. I very much enjoyed everything I had from the Scotch egg to the beef steak pie. The only thing I did not like was... haggis.
Hotel in New Abbey - Abbey Arms, rustic and would have been great except for the mean drunk owner. The owner treats his employee like s---, he would be sued in the US for his actions. Sexual harassment, crude, rude, and vulgar. And by the way, if your reading this J, the people from London thought you were a real proper ASS. In all honesty, I must say I was treated well and the food was good. Having to witness the mean drunk thing was the only negative.

Hunting - started out in the Argyle area on my buddy's lease. Hunted from Sunday to Tuesday morning and saw several hinds and roe does. I did not see any stags or bucks, my friend, however, bagged a nice 6 point roe! It was his first and I was thrilled for him. Next, on to hunt with Solway Stalker (Colin Lockerbie). Colin is the kind of guy that feels like you have known him your whole life after talking with him for five minutes. Our first outing was for boar, we waited on a bait station just before dark only to see a badger. The boar eluded us but I believe the average to bag a boar is around 4 or 5 outings. Next up was goat, roe, and boar if we happened upon one. Colin with his supernatural game spotting ability spotted a heard of around 7 goats half way up the mountain so off we went. After a very strenuous stalk we managed to get to within 120 yards or so. I was still catching my breath when my chance for a shot came, I muffed it. My heart rate was just too high. Roe, roe, roe, we looked and looked for a buck but just could not find one. As you know, the best season for roe buck has long past. I did shoot two fox one day. Stags - I had 2 outings on stags September 17th. We saw several hinds with calves but could not locate a stag no matter how hard we tried. Another hunter did get a spiker that day, but I just could not put horns on anything I saw. I give Colin an A+ for his effort, stalking ability, and game knowledge. We could not have done anything more to find the game, it was just not in the cards this time. I can wholeheartedly recommend hunting with Colin.

Highlights - my friend bagging his firs roe! All the fine people I met, telling the pub locals of my daily exploits, beer, heck...the whole trip.

Shoot straight,
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Glad you enjoyed the British hospitality. Was a very good read, although

Some of you were a little hard to understand
we speak a lot more clearly down in the south west ;) whenever I have travelled up north I cannot understand them either, it's like they are talking a different language!

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nice read ,you are dead right about the landlord a total £?&@ we gave up stopping there a.long time back and take a house now although Colin did put us up with right said Fred once !
itching to get back myself now !
regards Norma


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I'd just like to say what a true gent Michael is, admittedly he talks a bit funny and doesn't like haggis, but if you see past those flaws he's a cracking chap to spend a few days with. After expressing a desire to come over to the UK stalking, we got talking and I suggested that if he came over to stalk with a professional guide, if he wanted a few days extra over here , thst he would be welcome to tag along as my guest. Unfortunately, Sod's law prevailed and he didn't get onto a stag or buck in Argyll, I feel quite embarrassed that the only buck of the trip ended up falling to my shot, I genuinely wish you'd been sat in that spot rather than me. That said, with the report ive just read from your second half of the trip, I am convinced that if you fell into a bucket of tits, you'd come out sucking your thumb.... The hunting gods weren't with you this time round mate, I suggest you schedule a re-visit!

thank you for taking the time to join me for a couple of days, next time schedule it for later in the year so there's more time between sunset and sun up, we can talk more ******** (rhymes with rowlocks) and drink more whisky that way.

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That's great guys. This is one of the main reasons we bought the site, lasting friendships and good times. Well done to you all, and I hope the return trip proves more successful, but no less enjoyable for all of you.


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nice read ,you are dead right about the landlord a total £?&@ we gave up stopping there a.long time back and take a house now although Colin did put us up with right said Fred once !
itching to get back myself now !
regards Norma
R U itching to get back to RSF Norma :lol:


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Sounds like you had a great time. Now time to start saving up the nickels for a return.

if I can suggest - come in the summer, bring the family, and slip out early or late for Roe bucks. Then spend the rest of the day doing tourist things. Sort of a win win.


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Nice to meet you Michael and spend a bit of time stalking together , had a few since you left but still not seeing any proper action yet
I posted your post cards ( in the real post office):D