My wife just pulled a face.

Harry mac

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I made some sloe gin the other day and had a bowl full of unused sloes set aside to use when I get another bottle of gin. Wifey just waltzed into the kitchen, saw the bowl and popped one in her mouth thinking they were blueberries. Yes, ladies do spit and swear!:rofl:


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Now,if she just smiled and swallowed she wouldn't have known, that;s what i keep telling my wife anyway!!!!


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My wife's recipe,

1 bottle of Aldi "Oliver Cromwell" gin approximately £9.65
12oz of granulated white sugar
1lb of "pricked"" sloes
3 cloves
1 stick of cinnamon

Put in 1litre airtight jar and shake once every day for month, then shake occasionally for another 2 months. Decant and filter. Enjoy!


PS put a bottle of cheap red wine over gin soaked sloes, leave for 1 week. Enjoy again!