Myth of multitasking females.


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Just got back in from having the weekly trouser down session at Sainsbury's, Mugged by Brian & Marvin at the door for the Pig ears... & then berated for collecting the wrong box of eggs / wrong packs of butter etc etc etc, & eeek how much for Lamb!!!, meanwhile the pack of two light bulbs I got for her reading lamp, were opened without looking what was going on, the other multitasking hand was screwing the first bulb out of the pack into the lamp,(just to check I had selected the correct type you know!!)... Crash ... out falls bulb two:doh:... Not a case of BOGOF, but, BUYTWOUSEONE.:rolleyes:

A tense silence now exists between us:norty:


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I am absolutely sure women cannot multitask.

The last time I told mine to sit down and shut up she could not manage it.

My bandages come off next week.


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Multi tasking's a myth. It just means she can f#!k up two jobs at once!

Indeed, there's no real difference between male and female brains - its just that men have learnt the value of concentrating so you do one job properly rather than two ***** ones at the same time!


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Woman can only multi task as they don't have the capabilities to finish off one thing or another so take more on and who picks up the pieces us.
​but how many chaps on here think ahead for them allowing them to think they can complete a task.