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I was recently on the telephone to a Bank speaking to a Miss Plum. First name? Victoria :doh:

This reminded me of a guy I used to work with (a Mr Caddie) who named twin sons Terrence and Trevor - so two T Caddies?

Finally, I was introduced to the four sons of a farmer - Nicholas, Richard, Michael and Victor (so Nick, Dick, Mick & Vic) although when I pointed that out they said I was the first to notice that (is that farmer speak for you're a ****?).

Any other examples of stupid parenting?


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Not really stupid parenting but I went to school with a guy called Craig Craig. He was named Craig as it was his mothers maiden name and had a different surname. His parents split up and he and his mum disowned his dad so he changed his surname to match his mums.


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When I worked at sainsburys as a butcher the meat manager was Wayne King , and at Laing super homes the build director was Mike Hunt , neither were ever called by tanoy they were always sent for.

private fraser

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I used to use a piece of test equipment called a Telegraph Distortion Measuring Set.
It was made by a company called Wayne Kerr.
It never did work very well :rolleyes:.

ps.. I saw one in a museum recently. You know you're getting old when that happens.
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A friend of mine is a manager at barclays, she had to apologise for laughing when Russel Sprout came in to open his account.

private fraser

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A manager in a company I used to work for was called Plonker.
It wasn't his name, it was just what we called him.
Sorry, maybe that doesn't count.


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I met a Mr Silver once.
First name Sterling.


I thought it was a joke until he gave me his Business Card



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Genuinely went to school with an immigrant boy called Royston Kerr and his brother was called unfortunately called Wayne. Guess it wasn't a popular word where they came from?

I have met 2 Richard Head's now.

I once had an incident with a truck driver called Metal. I wasn't happy to accept that as his identity so he showed me a heap of papers and his credit card. He had changed his name by Deed Poll!
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When at school one of my friends was called Albert, surname Hall. I guess his parents had never heard of the place.


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Used to have a guy in my company called Rowan ****head but my all time favourite was one of out German Sys Admins was called Berndt Dicke !

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I hope that this isn't lowering the tone but....... In the directory of practising veterinary surgeons there is one in South Africa called Mr Cock. You've guessed it. His first name is Everard!!!!!!!

​ David

paul walker

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I had a cadet at my unit called Rupert Frere (Rupert Bear) years ago, always made me smile, last i heard he was doing well in the army.

pete evans

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My friends dad is called mike hunt and I went to school with a P Ness. My uncle swears that he had a pupil in his class called dwain pype. A friend recons he knew a Syd arbourbridge but I dont believe him