Natural atraction?

Jonny Boy

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So my stalking ground is largely mixed forestry in various states of development and although I can stalk the fringes, clear-fell and newly replanted areas the best parts will be consumed by young trees in the next year or two. I'm contemplating the use of high seats in a few strategic places but is there anything I can do to naturally encourage the Roe deer in? Perhaps clearing routs by or cutting vegetation to promote the lush grass? I know you can get lick blocks but I'm trying to keep away from anything man made.

Also what are peoples feelings on seat height? The ground is quite undulating so it will no doubt be eye level in some places but I'm more worried about scent being carried.



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I'd be more worried at increasing the deer numbers within areas of young trees- gross conflict of interest.

Short green herbs and grass attractive to the deer often found near water/wetter areas.

High seats could range from a couple of pallets on edge to the full Monty 5m tall tree house dependant upon budget.

Some brashed routes through the standing crop to some likely points can be helpful

Jonny Boy

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Na not that bothered. They've got way bigger problems with voles and I'm certainly not going to try and shoot them too. I don't expect it will increase the population any, just lure them to a shootable area. The whole place is pretty wet so I suppose that means the vegetation is there so I'll try and keep the unwanted stuff to a minimum in the spring and look at the trees when they get too big.