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anything to look out for on an 06 plate Navara please currently running an l200 which has had no issues other than fuel consumption bit they all need fuel eh .


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Hi Norma,

I drive an '06 Navara D40 now myself, here's what I know in no particular order.

The Engine:
Uses a single cam chain to drive a twin chain gear. Two seperate chains then drive the cams. The single chain is beginning to show up as a problem area. If it snaps it's a big money fix. Early waning signs are a rattle from the front of the engine as the chain begins to stretch and a warning light on the dash. There's a company offering an upgrade to a full duplex chain system for about £1100.

They suffer a bit from "injector rattle" when under load too - it's nothing to worry about. You'll hear it between 1500 and 2500 revs. Try not to confuse the two issues if you test drive one. The engine's have changed slightly year on year to meet ever tightening emissions standards. You'll be pleased to know that an '06 has the "Euro 3" engine, and offers the best balance of performance and economy. The manual more so than the auto.

Oh, the Nissan spec coolant is dark green and looks a bit odd but is entirely normal!

The Gearbox:
The gear change is a bit mushy and feels like stirring a big pot of porridge, but you soon get used to it.

The Transfer Box:
Contains poorly sealed sensors which have a mind of their own. My truck often has the "4WD" light illuminated on the dash when it's in 2WD. This fault only affects the dash lights and not the drivetrain itself though and isn't really a problem. It took me a while to get used to turning a dial to operate the 4WD system instead of throwing a lever, but I do like it now.

There was a recall on these as they cracked. Originally I think '06 models had 16" alloys. If it's had the recall work done it'll be on 17" wheels instead.

Leaf Springs:
These always look saggy, almost slightly inverted.

Rear Half Shafts:
Check for leaks, a known issue.

The Clutch:
Is a definate problem area. It's tiny and has to deal with a lot of torque from that powerful engine. Stick it in 4th gear and try and pull away from standing. Generally speaking, if it stalls the clutch is ok, if it whines or slips it'll need sorting. A farmer friend has upgraded his to a heavy duty version with solid flywheel. It can be a good bargaining chip if you're not sure about it.

ABS Dash Light "ON":
Can be a bugger to diagnose/fix, and renders 4WD inoperable. Why Nissan linked the two systems is beyond me. The problem can be either loom or sensor related and seems to crop up a lot on the Navara owners forum.

Service Intervals:
Are seriously long, 18k miles I think. Long service intervals are a recipe for disaster in my book and allow other issues to go undetected that might ordinarily be picked up whilst it's in the garage.

The Drive:
The clutch bites towards the top of the pedal stroke, the brakes operate towards the bottom - both normal traits. It's quick (174 bhp!) quiet, comfortable, no better/worse than any other pickup offroad and better than most on the tar. Mine's a top spec "Aventura" model and has all the toys: sat nav, cruise control, heated leather, electric everything and unfortunately a sunroof which makes mounting a lamp difficult!

In short I don't think they're a bad truck. I did a lot of reading and asking before I bought mine. It's fair to say they don't have a sterling reputation, but importantly there's a wealth of info available to combat known problems and a very supportive owners forum online.

Hope the above helps, give me a shout if you want me to clarifiy anything or need any further info.

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Many thanks folks all looked great untill I saw the small words + vat which at £8295 the plus bit makes it too much for a 6 yr old navara so sticking with the l200 for now .
cheers norma
it was very tidy though and 53 k on clock


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That's too much even less the VAT to be honest.

I paid £6500 no VAT for a top spec '06 plate with 55k miles recently.


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Have had 2 Navaras from new both had drive shafts snap one on the at Shap Fell at 60mph = 16 hours to get home the other again while in the New Forest, both were within warranty so got dealt with now drive Hilux and have done 95K in four years without any major problems {so far}