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We just put a small video up on our site that tells people a bit more about our product. What I really need now is some feedback on whether the video gets the point across. It is only two and a half minutes long, so it won't take much time to watch. If any of you have spare time and are willing to watch it and give me feedback I would appreciate it.

You can see the video here:




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Over here we don't climb high seats when there is a round up the chamber....But as far as the video goes, it seems quite good. You could always put in somewhere that the gunslinger is no substitue for safe handling.

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Very clear and informative video. I have to say though, getting into a highseat can be a little tricky and doing it with a loaded rifle is just stupid. It takes 10 second to unload and 5 seconds to reload once in the highseat. Why take such a risk!!
But to drop your rifle from the seat, you must be a complete Muppet!! Does this happen regularly in the states? I have used highseats for many years and never come close to dropping my rifle.
Anyway, another safety product on the market has to be a good thing, right?
Best of luck with it.


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Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the feedback.

The one thing I've heard most often is we should have shown that the rifle was unloaded when it was being raised and lowered. Actually, it was unloaded the whole time, as we were simply shooting footage, but we still should have made that clear.

As to rifles being dropped from stands, I've heard many stories about that happening. That's why the product came into being in the first place. We'd heard so many stories about rifles being dropped and people being injured or banging up their guns that we thought there should be a product that would stop that from happening.



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I see in the testemonials by hunters who have used your product that one of them used it for his archery equipment. You make no mention of useing it to safely get your archery kit up into the stand, are you not missing a trick here?

The video highlights one of the difference in the way our two counties hunt, over here climbing into a highseat and then pulling your gun up afterwards is quite normal, having the bugger loaded is not normal. Having said that, your product seems to fill a gap in the market, which is always a good thing, and the video gets it across very nicely.



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We haven't missed the bow market, we are just working with bow hunting experts to develop an adapter that will work more closely with the design of the bow. You can use the product as is for a bow or a gun now, but it is more difficult to situate on a bow. We're going to design something to take care of that problem.

The single comment I've seen most is that we didn't show the gun was unloaded. I'll be sure and correct that oversight for the next video.

Thanks for taking the time to view our video. I appreciate it.

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How about designing some handy pockets to clip on to the high seat to hold equipment that you may need close at hand. Cameras, binos, gloves etc? Good video, nice jungle boots!


Climbing a high seat with a loaded gun is stupid. Plus the high seat ladder is moving around like a willow twig in the wind, I wouldnt trust the ladder in the film clip.

Rifle bolt should be out of the gun, and the gun should only be loaded once you are in the seat. On some of the high seats we have built we often have a strong rope attatched to the seat to pull the gun up into the seat whilst it is in the slip, making sure you tie it on well.

I also would add that the device on the film will stop the rifle from falling to the floor, but it would not prevent it from swinging against the trunk of the tree and smashing the scope, which it comes close to on the film. personally the way the high seat is swaying about when the guy climbs up I would be more worried about the seat collapsing.


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In reality most folk pull their rifle up in to the high seat whilst still in the slip then sit on it whilst up there do they not, unless of course they stalk to the high seat and haven't got it with them at that stage.
It is certainly the safest way of doing it that's for sure.
I got the impression from the video that that was not a proper location for the seat, it looked to me as if it was just a prop to show the item being advertised in use, after a fashion, including the swinging about bit !!


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We would never recommend climbing into a stand or high seat with a loaded gun. The gun we used for the shoot was unloaded, and I do admit we erred in not showing that in the video.

As for the stand, it was placed that day for the shoot. It was used purely for the purpose of getting the shots we needed. I'm not sure it was any more flimsy than any other tree stand. If I understand it correctly, high seats tend to be much more substantial than our ladder stands. So it may just be a difference in what you're used to seeing.

You are also correct that if the gun falls there will be some swing. The shock absorbing cord does absorb a lot of the momentum of the fall, and in all the tests we've had done and conducted ourselves on the product, no one has ever smashed their scope. I'm not going to say it will never happen, because it is possible, but I'd say it is less likely to happen.

Thanks for the comments gentlemen. I appreciate you taking the time to watch our little video.

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