need a new plan of attack ! !

whilst sitting up a seat tonight in the snow and wind it finally dawned on me that i need a new stategy to get to grips with the deer on my land,

the probelm i have is that the land i stalk and look after has a herd of red on it and muntjac plus roe, and while i seem to be making inroads into the roe , the reds remain a real struggle as they only appear at night at this time of the year , but as you can guess when out of season ( hinds being the real issue ) they are on the ground.

they tend to lie up in a large wood that doesnt belong to the land but a wildlife trust, and tho there is stalking in it at times the impact on the farm surrounding it and the wood itself is getting pretty harsh ! :(

we do have the rights in the neighbouring wood , and im looking to get some work underway in there during the summer to open up the rides and coppice a block etc , as firstly the wood desperetely needs it and also may help the deer use it more often.

but what im really asking for is advice if any availible in the short term as to how i can lure out the hinds in order to carry out a very needed cull .

thanks in advance



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Seems to me that an approach to the Wildlife trust might pays dividends if you present them with a management plan, pointing out the damge that is occurring and future damage..
A management plan showing a reduction in numbers and not an extermination plan may works wonders..

Failing that, turnips/sugar beet and feed blocks.



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the hole thing is to lead them into a false sense of security.few things to try .
never shoot at a group , only shoot at single hinds calfs,unless you can whack the lot ,dont shoot .
dont be invasive,dont leave offal on the ground bring it with you . dont shoot from your vehicle,not saying you do .
dont hunt them too often .
this time of the year hinds are feeling the pinch there hungry ,there un born calf is putting pressure on them and they have to feed .
hunt them at odd times if you can dont always hunt in the eve .
a salt lick or apples if your in a tight spot .
you were saying it was snowing a good chance to see the places that there are lie n up
this is where it gets a little complex griff as the deer inititive involved with the wood in question and so they have control of it , i actually try to work with them as much as i can but as people have spoke on this forum before about them not sure what to make of the organisation as in this instance they dont seem to be able to sort the red out , possible from keeping to much stalking back for themselves i fear and spreading themselves far to thinly over far to many projects and acres ????
they turn up once a month on average and for cpl of nights and mornings on the trot then go again, and the wood not the best to stalk as quite dense in places.

as for you suggestion of leaving food out , how best to go about it and how much in quantity ? bearing in mind that they been helping themselves most nights to the wheat in my feeders !!!!! :evil:
cant walk them out either bobt as the wood is quite large and they pass from block to block , and some blocks are very hard to get into let alone move deer from them.


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Try to put turnips or some other feed source away from the wood but upwind or where the prevailing wind normally comes from. Also, contact the Wildlife Trust and remind them that the deer are causing damage on the farm that you are trying to protect. Ask what their management plan is, they might not have one. Also offer your services if they aneed them.


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Have you thought about lamping them :eek: , only kidding :lol:

I Had a bit of ground in Norfolk which had a 365 acre mixed woodland in the middle with Red, Roe and Munty in, and besides the local poaching barsteward the wood was shot with guys from, you guest it, the DI, but owned by Norfolk wildlife trust. The DI didn`t want me in there but were quite happy to ask the farmer if they could go on my bit, but weren`t in a position to pay for it :confused:

Can`t really think of anything other than what`s been said other than patience.

Good luck.



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Spread some carrots about, reds love 'em.

Move your feeder 2ft a day into a more accessible place where you can get a shot off.

Spread the feed in your feeders about sparingly, make them work for it and also gets them pre-occupied.