need to have land aproved or not?


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I have an open ticket and have done for a long time and shoot over lot's of land that hasn't been aproved for any calibre by anyone.
if i take my friend along with me or a client who has a closed cert is it legal for them then to shoot over this land whilst accompanied by me, i'v never had any problems however the question was raised by a client recently and my FEO wasn't sure even, saying that he thought it was ok as i was deemed compitent to asses land by nature of my open cert however, that it may not be the same in all force areas anyone else ever encountered this?

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This came up elsewhere recently with someone with an open ticket that was acting as mentor to someone else with a closed ticket.

It is NOT ok if you are with him. His FAC conditions are not overridden by yours, and the land will have to be cleared by the FEO for him, the same as any other closed certificate holder.

An estate rifle might be an exception to this (assuming the terms of the estate rifle were met, which probably wouldn't be practical).
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Its okay if your with him
Where does that come from?

Unless they are using your rifle under the 'Estate Clause', and if the client/friend/anyone are using their own rifle and has a condition on their FAC that reads something like the standard closed territorial one:

MODERATOR and ammunition shall be
used for shooting vermin and ground
game/fox/deer (delete as appropriate) and
for zeroing on ranges, or land deemed
suitable by the chief officer of police for the area
where the land is situated
and over which the
holder has lawful authority to shoot.

Then it means exactly what it says - the land must be deemed suitable by the CC, (or as actually happens his representative in the FLD). There is nothing in the Firearms Acts about the CCs responsibilities in this area being able to be passed by default or countermanded by any open FAC holder.

CWMMAN3738. Ask your FEO to put it in writing and you might find he will revise his opinion. If you don't want to go through the hassle of having your own land inspected - could be embarrassing for the FEO if he deems land not suitable for what you're shooting with :D - then clients/friends could always ask their own FLDs to revise their closed territorial conditions to reflect your situation, or even use it to hopefully have the restriction removed, but until they do they could be in breach of the condition.

Ask yourself what would happen if, god forbid, something did go wrong - PC looking for any irregularity, (and they will), examines client's/friend's FAC, sees territorial restriction, checks database at HQ, land not cleared for calibre by CC, **** hits fan.
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yes i did wonder and yes my FEO has revised his opinion it's very messy looks like they will be getting about a dozen land requests from me within the next week just to clear the land for clients and gests (just in case) typical lunacy he can use the estate rifle but not his own:cuckoo:


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............. typical lunacy he can use the estate rifle but not his own:cuckoo:
Yes, and I think it gets even better (worse?) when you consider foreign visitors.

It's been a while since I last sponsored someone from abroad, but AFAIK there are no territorial or quarry restrictions whatsoever on a Visitors Firearms Permit, (I'll stand to be corrected if the system has changed, but to my recollection that was the case). So it is entirely possible that someone from abroad with far less experience than a UK resident can be considerably less restricted when using S1 Firearms in this country!

Welcome to the parallel universe that is Firearms Licensing! :cuckoo: