Negligent discharge


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Apparently it was an AMRAM type which comes in a couple of types, one being anti radar so maybe someone had him locked and he didnt like it ?
It could have been just a mistake as I am sure thats easily done in a multi million pound fighter with buttons everywhere and no double safety features at that price.
Perhaps more to this than meets the eye ?


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My first thought when seeing the thread title was "oh no, not another one heading towards a Surrey Town or Village from Camp Bisley".

So big gasp of relief and we live to discharge another day!



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“ you ok in the back there Juan “ ....” .si Carlos , what does ze red button do ?” ....Don’t press the.....oooooh ssssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt ! :doh:

Harry mac

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Best ND I ever saw was from an Egyptian M60 tank. We'd just finished a joint firepower display in front of an assembled audience of various nationalities of military and government VIPs, all of whom were seated on a large, multi layer spectator stand. The demo took the form of a live fire advance to contact, involving armour and infantry. At the end of the advance, when all the "baddies" were dead all the armoured vehicles cleared guns and fully elevated them before turning round and driving back up the range in extended line towards the spectator stand. Very impressive show of armoured might!
As we got to about 400m from the distinguished assemblage there was an almighty BOOOOM as one of the tank guns went off, and a 105mm shell went sailing over the heads of all the VIPs, to land God only knows where out in the desert. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that turret when the gun went off!
There's two kinds of people who shoot in this world, those who've had an ND and those who haven't had one.......Yet.


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I seem to recall a ND from one of our Harriers taking out a British helicopter in Stanley, Falklands at the end of the Falklands war in 1982.
Not sure, but it rings a bell in my head....don’t think there were any injuries, but I’m unsure.
Does anyone know for sure?