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Is any using a neopod bipod on here. Thinking of getting one for my r8. All comments welcome good or bad


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They are a great piece of kit I wouldn't have any thing else now i don't have an r8 iv had to drill my stock to fit a spigot but it's an easy fit to the r8 I'm led to believe here's mine all the best regards Benji

Paul 600

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For me two downsides. 1. It's a spigot fitting so I feel it would catch on foliage whilst crawling through cover. 2. It's expensive. I nearly bought one, they are very good apparently. I opted for a Blaser/Spartan Carbon comes with a new for-end with a stud at the front. Totally flush fitting, nothing to catch or stick out.


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I love mine, have never had any problems with it catching in the cover as its so low profile. A bit more expensive that the old trusty harris but really light weigh and miles less obtrusive, doest jag into your back when stalking and doesn't catch truck window when foxing


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Same as Paul 600.
Fitted the Blaser / Javelin carbon one. Works a treat. Comes with the new fore end complete with the hole drilled to fit the Mount.
If the Professional model, took 2 months to arrive, direct from Blaser. The Professional Success is more readily available.
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Superb, quality, lightweight and mega strong. Sauer adaptor/spigot hardly notice its there, a fantastic piece of kit.
Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for these days.


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I really fancied one of these until I found out there is no way to tension the cant feature. I just can't get on with floppy bi-pods.

Unless some one can advise otherwise?

Spartan Jim

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I’m one of the staff at Spartan Precision (maker of the Javelin and Blaser Carbon bipods) and happy to help with any problems or answer queries.

if you’re finding you can’t lock it up enough (Heavy rifle or optics?) then we sell an upgrade locking lever for a small amount that will really lock it solid...