Nerves Starting to Jangle


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Up to Eskdalemuir tomorrow for our DSC1, just had a call from Ronald asking if we can do the shooting test Friday afternoon rather than first thing saterday......the date has come about way too quickly!!!!


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Just relax, you are only shooting something that you can already do, nothing new in that. Enjoy you will be fine. Looking forward to hearing that all went well.



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Cheers guys, I am looking foreard to it but still worried incase I mess up something.

Shooting test should be OK, I can nail the multi choice questions consistanly now, just the safety test worries me as you have no margin for error!

what exactly is involved in the DSC? is it a deer stalk exam, like do you go stalking with a witness and he/she rates you on your stalking abilities??

go neirí an t-ádh leat sanders, good luck mate.


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Relax, Enjoy.
You sound well prepared so whats to worry about? Re the shooting test, it's only paper, you can't wound it, so enjoy showing how good you are.
Re safety test, I had to be "helped" to reach the right decision, with regard to a tricky stalk. He could not answer for me but kept labouring the question over and over until the penny dropped. What the guy wanted to hear was"un-load if you feel the situation warrants". Strangely that never naturally occured to me. I guess I've been shooting so long I just took it for granted that everyone does it as a matter of course, whether crossing a ditch, fence or climbing a high seat ladder. I just forgot to say the words!
The guys aren't out to trick you, I guess it refects on them if too many of their students fail.
Good luck,


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Good luck Sanders. Just remember with the rifle safety stop, think and then act, if you are unsure of what it is you are supposed to do; again stop, think and then act. Its not a race after all, you will be surprised at what you can remember when you give yourself a minute to relax. Good luck mate. ;)