Never bagged a deer, dragged plenty.

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Hi to everyone,

as the title says, i have never shot a deer and am fairly new to stalking. My background in shooting has been pest control with air rifles for the local farmers for as long as i can remember. I was invited to go lamping for foxes with a friend from work about two years ago, and have never looked back since. Was then introduced to stalking shortly after. I have been serving an inpromtu apprenticeship ever since. Then about six weeks ago when out stalking(dragging) with some of the syndicate, the subject of FAC's came up. And my friend said " isnt it about time you applied for your ticket?". So now i am sitting patiently waiting for a call from the FO. Last weekend I also successfully completed the dsc level 1 course, after reporting back to the syndicate that i had passed the course, i was told that the tikka t3 rifle that i was interested in was bought and paid for :D :D :D and sitting in the gun shop awaiting my ticket to come through. Just goes to show that a bit of hard work brings great rewards. There is also a place on the syndicate for me, and the possibility of a local stalking area, less than five minutes drive from my home.
Had a quick look at this forum and had to join, if just for nothing other than the knowledge of information that is only a key press away.

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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have had a pretty thorough grounding in the hard graft bit of stalking. Hopefully you will get into the front end bit soon.


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Welcome to the site. Nice to hear that you are with a good crowd of people who have encouraged you into Stalking and have given you the golden opportunity. Well done and we look forward to reading about your new rifle and your first deer taken with it :D


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Obvious question this, but I nearly fell foul of it - has the land you have permission to shot over been cleared for the rifle calibre you are buying?



The land i will be shooting over has been cleared for the calibre i am applying for .243.

Thanx for the welcome guys and first deer i get i will let you know. :D :D

Still waiting patiently for firearms officer to call :confused: :confused:


I am based in Kilsyth, Scotland.

I have been recently invited to share in the lease for approx 400 acres of land about 20 mins from home by my mentor. Plenty of roe deer and sightings of red deer.

Only problem is i didnt put the correct postage on my application. It was returned to me about four weeks later :cry: :cry: :cry:

When my wife phoned me at work to tell me i took the afternoon off and delivered it by hand.
They were pretty understanding and told me that it should not affect my application at all.

So i am back to square 1.

I double checked everything on the application. Then i checked it again, then i threw it in the post with only one stamp. D#ck.

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