New £125 Night Master NM400IR illuminator arrived.

Scott Country

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We just took delivery of the fantastic new Night Master NM400IR.

Will be put to the test this weekend at our Night Vision Expo on the new Pulsar Forward DFA75, but with 400m illumination and 200m realistic detection and a retail price of just under £125, this device is going to fly this weekend.

Find out more here:

Nightmaster NM400IR illuminator



Priced at £124.95 inc lamp, charger and battery.


Scott Country Sales Team

Scott Country

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Update: We will have 10 of these kits this weekend at our show, so a first come first served basis and expect them to fly out the door.

They will not be in a branded box, as the delay is they havent been printed yet but got some made up to at least let people take some home at the show.