new 2016 fac forms ref: varations form 201v



Just about to fill in a 'like for like' variation ( 1-4-1) , and was wondering as to the medical questioner? seems very straight forward, however my question is very simple and basic?

If they already have all the details on there records, which they should have completed, when researching your background suitabilty when 1st applying for an FAC.
Is it now mandatory to fill this in section, or can the wording 'no change to present records since last renewal/variation' be submitted.?



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Like you, I too was asking myself the same questions when I had to fill in the same information for the umpteenth time. Someone on here gave a good piece of advice (and I paraphrase), if nothing has changed since your last application, simply state that.
When I put in for a 1-4-1 last year I did just that. There were no queries and the variation was granted,
It makes sense to me to take the opportunity to update information, but if there is no change then a statement to that effect is as good as filling out each response repeatedly.


good point, totally agree, makes sense where there has been changes to personal health issues or circumstances, but like you suggest a statement to the effect that there are no changes ,should save them time and help out with there already stretched resources and delays