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hi what would you say is the best value for money 223, not after anything fancy just a good dependable accurate gun.
thanks in advance


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I love Tikkas and have purchased 2 in 223 (1-8" and 1-10" twists) I also have 2 Howas and various autoloaders in 223 but I just bought my second Ruger American ranch rifle in 5.56. It is not pretty but it shoots like rifles costing 4X as much money. They sell for $440 US here, add a Timney for $109 if you wish but the triggers have been pretty good right from the box as of late. These Rugers are tougher than a bag of hammers and just crude enough so that if you drop it off the back of a pickup truck you don't worry too much about damaging it's fine lines. (cough!) I make fun of the Ruger American but when you take one of these ugly ducklings and consistently bang a 14x18" gong at 850 yards, you begin to see it's inner beauty.~Muir


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Given the howa is half the price of the tikka it's clearly better value. It's not a better gun though imo

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CZ527 is where my money would go, (have got a 527 in .22 Hornet) don't have a .223 at present, but wish I had bought a CZ instead of the Brownings I did own, which
I chose above the T3 and certainly far above the Howa



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Have too agree CZ 527 ,no plastic parts , a bit agricultural some may say , barrels harder then nails ,but be warned there boringly accurate though...


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T3 V's CZ527 seems to be where a lot of sales are. Having owned both, my tuppenceworth:

T3: Nice action, good stock with sensible LOP, very nice trigger which can be set for around 2lbs and is very crisp. Very accurate out of the box and good value;

CZ527: Cheap(ish) and very accurate. Stocks are just too short for me (LOP on my varmint was a little over 13 inches before I changed the stock). Trigger has some creep to it but can be replaced or you can just get used to it. Requires odd 16mm dovetail mounts or an expensive rail conversion (KOZAP I think). Action is a neat mini Mauser action, easy to strip and clean and nice to use.

As a tool for general vermin control the CZ is a fine workhorse and under-rated, and if VFM is your criteria, you'll not buy a better or more accurate workhorse .223 for the money, BUT check that the stocks fit because it ceases to be good value when you shop around for an aftermarket stock.

For something that's well made with few vices and very accurate with a really nice trigger and decent synthetic stock, the T3 is the better choice and you'll not need to shop for aftermarket bits. They just work.