New BASC stalking scheme in Dorset


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Copied form the BASC e-mail I received this afternoon:

BASC has secured a lease on 4,000 acres of farmland in Southern England to provide stalking for members. The Dorset Deer Management scheme will be open to all members who have their own stalking rifle and is suited to stalkers of all abilities.
You will be able to shoot roe deer unaccompanied in a lowland farmland environment, using high seats. Opportunities to shoot other species may be available. The scheme is designed to provide practical follow-on experience for stalkers who have completed their DSC1 and therefore anyone wishing to shoot there must hold this qualification.


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Well done to BASC!

I'm hoping this is a path forward, securing shooting rights on land in the long term to ensure the continuity of the sport in the face of hostile pressure groups.


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Perhaps they got the RSPB at Arne:stir:
Maybe Crichel Estate as that is being broken up ( so I've heard ).
Maybe Bryanston estate (Duchy Land ) not that good, I know.
A bit of Drax Estate (v.nice but unlikely as main quarry would be Sika)
Could be Woodhouse estate ( some Fallow around there but mainly Roe, lots of woodland)
Might be Cerne Abbas ( not sure that's 4000 though ) or next door at Sydling Estate

My guess would be it's going to be more westerly, as nothing really big enough in North Dorset


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Good to see BASC taking the intiative,maybe other organisations will follow?
Good use of our subscriptions, it's not all about insurance
Well Done Guys

David BASC

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Thanks all, we are delighted with this new scheme for our members, and we will keep working on others of course.


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Now if you just secure secure a similar scheme is Sussex away from the "landed gentry" that'd be fantastic.


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And, i just wonder if there was an existing deer stalker/syndicate who have lost out to the BASC?
I do hope not.


On another note, I doubt there are either enough deer or days in the year available to accommodate the queue of stalkers that is forming to use this facility:)