New boots, what to buy?


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I had a pair of le chamio mouflon plus for 12 years only good experiences of them.bought a pair of Black Isle ditto no scratch high boots 3 years ago exelent boots been dry every use even in peet bog stalking would buy them again
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Gronell Savanna i have had two pairs, each pair have lasted 9 years, bought a pair not that long ago but they where just a little too small, i forgot to go up one size!


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I won't buy chameaus again,they split on the sole,seams up the back split,I had to super glue together,seeland do same type of boot that are £69.99 in John Norris brochure that came with countryside alliance magazine,they are a dam site cheaper for the same spec


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diotto boots i wear them every dayof the year in all weather,i get mine direct from italy. they have changed the design this year and i cant fault them first class boot,
used to wear mendiel drover and had other boots ie danner and le chameau and irish setter . and these are the dogs!


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Might be worth having a look at these -

A friend of mine was in the prison service and gave me a pair as this is what they where supplied. I wore them quite alot in all conditions and never had any issues with leaking.

+1 had mine for 18 months or so now and by far the best boots ive ever owned.. without any doubt. I nipped in with my shooting socks, they measured me up and got a set to fit really well. Completely waterproof, comfortable and dont squeak.

On the other side, i have a pair of Le Chameaus and they were w**k. Squeaked, leaked and werent comfortable. I dont but any Le Chameau stuff now as it seems the quality is variable and the after sales support leaves a bit to be desired.


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Unfortunately i am using the Mouflon Plus at the moment. My next pair will be the Meindl Dovre Extreme.



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Lowa patrols when you can get away with them and german para boots when the weather gets anti social. I have a pair of mouflons, but for the money they are not worth it !



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Think it depends entirely on the individual person, as we all seem to have pros and cons for every!!! boot, been using le-chameau for about 20+years now (mouflon+) i get about 5years on average out of each pair before they start to leak, which is not bad and I use them pretty extensively throughout the year. All in all I think if you try then buy a boot in and around 200 +/- you will not go far wrong with any of the good makers.



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Lowa mountain gtx. Just got a pair of Harkilla Lynx for summer use though as the Lowa are very warm


Uncle Buck

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+ 1 Mendl douve extreme :thumb: bearing in mind any decent boots if properly looked after should keep your feet warm

& dry for at least a few seasons.


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Berhaus Yeti gaiters!!!

Complelely different approach, i'd keep ur old leaking boots esp if comfy and put the yeti's on top.

My first season with the yeti's and best money i've ever spent :D (about £65) I'm using them with a pair off Harkilla's which often leak but are comfy and now have 2" inch holes in leather and goretex at the heels on both boots.
Prob only used them 12+ days on grouse this season so still early days, but very impressed. Some off the days i've been out this year have been some off the wettest i've ever been out in (and no shelter on the moor) and some off the moors are pretty wet underfoot too, been well over top off boots(and well over the holes) a good few times going through burns and wet haags and feet have been dry, only 2 times i've had wet feet it has been running down my legs as rest off waterproofs gave up.

Very different aproach but i'd defo keep ur old boots and put thes gaiters on will be like having a new pair off boots

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If you use the yeti gaiters make sure you glue the rand down! The problem is water will run down your trousers into your boots. Plus 4's are an ideal solution.


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How many different spellings of Meindl can you spot in this thread...:lol:

I had to go pick mine up to check so I didn't look a numpty just for

Nice boot but very expensive really but they are comfy.

There were some camo ones at the Midland Game fair... TX ? only 60 quidish.. looked very nice quality and very light thinking of buying some for my trop to NZ as they would save oodles of luggage space, any one get any?


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Black Isle Diotto

I had a pair of le chamio mouflon plus for 12 years only good experiences of them.bought a pair of Black Isle ditto no scratch high boots 3 years ago exelent boots been dry every use even in peet bog stalking would buy them again

I bought a pair o them and there great, comfy from the start and would recommend them no prob.


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I have tried all the big brands over the years but the one's ive been using for the last couple of years has been Jack Pyke and i must say, they have been just as good as the big brands and less than half the price.

Jimbo 30 06

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I have been wearing the same pair of Le Chameau Mouflon Plus Boots now for over 4 years. I have had them on at least twice a week walking thru mud, water, scree etc and they are still water tight. My only problem has been squeaking which I seem to have now resolved but can't say exactly how I managed it (washed the laces and ensured I put a lot of dubbin on the tongue but don't know which was the most effective). The leather is all cracked across the top where it bends in line with my toes but they still don't leak.


+1 i have two pairs in case one pair leaked they get regular use and five years on no leaks from either pair. I would be very carefull with the dubbin as this rots the stiches.