new boy on here being shoot 20 year just 2 rifle 243 howa 22.sako my baby

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just being looking in to 1.7 hrm and shot my friend other day very good but wsm 17. I heard they are here both cabilre being put on my license I can find 1.7 new savage plenty of ammo coming in just concern about savage problem but that was in 2013 I like to think they improve it any advice or people who has aready brought this cabilre cheer for any help advice:lol::lol:

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my 2p worth would be this , I would run away from the HMR a nice flat shooting round but horrid to own as you never know if its going to fail on you ? there too many faults with failing ammo , if I were to go for a small rocket again something like a 17 fire ball/204 type or one of the other small pills would be better.


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I shoot a so called "unobtainable" round (7 x 64) and once the local gun shop knew I wanted it it was no problem. Demand tends to lead supply so if you ask a decent gunsmith will get it in.

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