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Hello Folks,

New to the site and giving an introduction of myself.
I’m male, 56 years young, from the South West of Scotland [Ayrshire] that’s the wet bit! I work offshore UK and abroad, so I can be away from home for a fair bit and this site has helped keep me sane more than a few times, not to mention a helpful hint or two that I have picked up from your good self’s, never too old to learn.
I have been stalking for around 30 years, predominately Roe, with the odd Red here and there, home from work at the moment for a couple of weeks [I Hope] so will try to get amongst the bucks before the midges become unbearable, so wish me luck.


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Welcome aboard Deeps,

I hope that we can carry on helping you to remain sane my friend, although when you spend as many hours behind the key board glued to this site as I do; there is on doubt you are insane. :lol:

Come on then Deeps, get posting! ;)

All the best Steve.F


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Hello, mate and welcome to the site.

Yes, we are here to help.

Let us know how you get on with the midges, sorry, i mean, bucks :lol:



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Hiya Deeps welcome to the site, we need more youngsters :D , not enough of us. Glad your home just now, I did not want to be greedy and keep all these midges to myself



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Welcome Deeps, its nice to hear you are back on dry land safe and sound. Hope you get stuck into a few bucks whilst you are home, let us know how you get on. All the best ;)


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nice to meet you deeps
you will find there are quite a few regulars up your way that are always there to help
aswell as us lot further south , just ask and some one will do their best to help
they hav done so far


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Hi Deeps
Everyone on here is very helpful and friendly.
You have come to the right place.
All the best,


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Hello and welcome.

I work offshore too and this website is a godsend when stuck on a rig for three weeks at a time. It gives me my daily cervine fix.
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