New butchering book step by step with pictures


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For those of you like me, who enjoy butchering your own venison and trying out new cuts, I would like to recommend a book I have just bought. It is called The Art of Beef Cutting by Karl Underly.

Now obviously as the name suggests it is for beef however the cuts described are also transferable to larger deer in many instances.

The book is split into sections depending on the part of the body the cut comes from and that is shown along the top of the page on a photograph of a carcass. Every cut is shown in a series of colour photographs of at least 6 to 12 per cut and it is ring bound for easy opening to look at whilst cutting. 232 pages.


There is a preview of it here:

There are also chapters about different types of knife and equipment, profit margins and step by step picture guides for removing silverskin, filleting, frenching etc.

I got my copy from the book depository however it is also available on amazon it cost me £22 delivered.

Santa wife is getting me another book - whole beast butchery by ryan farr - for christmas so ill let you know if that is any good after the big day.